CMU 15-451 (Algorithms), Fall 2010

Instructor: Manuel Blum

TAs: Jeremiah Blocki, Anvesh Komuravelli, Sarah Loos, Eric Seo, Jon Chu

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  1. Jonathan Chu
  2. Eric Seo
  3. Sarah Loos
  4. Anvesh Komuravelli
  5. Jeremiah Blocki

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Lecture notes [The first 10 lectures] [The next 10 lectures]

  1. 08/24:Intro & Admin. Karatsuba/Strassen.
    08/25:(recitation) Warmup Problems.
  2. 08/26:Asymptotic analysis, solving recurrences.
  3. 08/31:Probabilistic analysis, Randomized Quicksort.
    09/01:(recitation) Problems related to randomized quicksort.
  4. 09/02:Linear-time Selection (randomized and deterministic).
  5. 09/07:Comparison-based lower bounds for sorting.
    09/08:(recitation) Problems related to selection recurrence, upper/lower bounds in concrete models.
    09/08:(recitation) Inductive proof of the selection recurrence.
  6. 09/09:Concrete models and tight upper/lower bounds
  7. 09/14:Amortized Analysis
    09/15:(recitation) Problems related to tight bounds and minimax optimality..
    09/15:(recitation) Formal proof of the assumptions made in the problem.
    09/15:(recitation) Discussion on the Bounds on Randomized Algorithms.
    09/15:(recitation) Common problems from hw1
  8. 09/16:Search trees: B-trees and treaps.
  9. 09/21:Digit-based sorting/data-structures (radix sort, tries).
    09/22: (recitation) Potential Function's and Amortization
  10. 09/23:Universal and Perfect Hashing.
  11. 09/28:Dynamic Programming.
    09/29: (recitation) Homework problems from last year (#1 and #3)
  12. 09/30:Graph Algorithms I: DFS and Topological Sorting, DP algs for shortest paths (Bellman-Ford, Matrix, Floyd-Warshall).
  13. 10/05:Graph Algorithms II: Dijkstra, Prim, Kruskal.
    10/06:(recitation) Maximum bottleneck path, coupon-collector's problem..
  14. 10/07: Review.
  15. 10/12: Midterm
    10/13:(recitation) 2-coloring,BFS and DFS trees.
  16. 10/14:Graph Algorithms III: Union-find.
  17. 10/19:Fun with BFS and DFS.
    10/20:(recitation) Examples of problems that can be solved using network flow..
  18. 10/21:Network Flows and Matchings I.
  19. 10/26:Network Flows II: Edmonds-Karp 1, Edmonds-Karp 2, Min-cost max flow.
    10/27:(recitation) Examples of problems that can be solved using linear programming.
  20. 10/28:Linear Programming.
  21. 11/02:NP-completeness I.
    11/03:(recitation) Examples of NP-completeness reductions: Integer Programming and 3-Coloring.
  22. 11/04:NP-completeness II.
  23. 11/09:Approximation Algorithms.
    11/10:(recitation) NP-completeness reductions contd..
  24. 11/11:Online Algorithms.
  25. 11/16:Number theoretic algorithms I.
    11/17:(recitation) Number-theory and a little more complexity theory .
  26. 11/18:Number theoretic algorithms II.
  27. 11/23:Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).
  28. 11/30:Intro to machine learning theory.
    12/01:(recitation) FFT/Review .
  29. 12/02:Mechanism/protocol design, Cake Cutting