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Given the growing number of agents that now provide services on the World Wide Web, we have developed an agent system called the Matchmaker that will do the work of helping agents find each other.

The Matchmaker is an information agent that helps make connections between agents that request services and agents that provide services. The Matchmaker serves as a "yellow pages" of agent capabilities, matching service providers with service requestors based on agent capability descriptions. The Matchmaker system allows agents to find each other by providing a mechanism for registering each agent's capabilities. An agent's registration information is stored as an "advertisement," which provides a short description of the agent, a sample query, input and output parameter declarations, and other constraints.

When the Matchmaker agent receives a query from a user or another software agent, it searches its dynamic database of "advertisements" for a registered agent that can fulfill the incoming request. The Matchmaker thus serves as a liaison between an agent that requests services and an agent that can fulfill requests for services.

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Matchmaker Applications
The Matchmaker is used in the following applications:

Registering Agents
To register your agents with the Matchmaker, please go to the A-Match website.

New! The Semantic Matchmaker
In order to solve the problems matching services in the developing "web of services," we have developed The Semantic Matchmaker, a DAML-S-based matching entity that will allow web services to locate other services, provide a solution to the problem of matching, and allow for full implementation of interoperative service providers on the web.

Publications on Middle Agents and Matchmakers (See Publications page for complete listing of publications.)


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