MOCHA is a multi-agent system for "Anyware" communications and display--a mobile communications network that runs on any platform and reaches users anywhere. Using MOCHA, human users create personal agents who perform tasks that humans could not otherwise accomplish.

MOCHA provides a seamless, single interface for users who access a complex array of agent technology. Users are presented with a familiar, form-based interface to create personal agents. Customized user preferences form the basis of agent interactions to carry out tasks. Personal agents locate and contact other users, and help plan and schedule collaborative tasks with the personalized agents of other users.

With the benefit of personalized agents, users are provided with a single mechanism that leaves the mutliple sources for contact up to the personalized agent itself. The agent decides on method of delivery based on agent knowledge of sender and receiver preferences and device availability.

MOCHA's "Anyware" communications and display technology also means that information can be displayed on any device in any location. Information can be displayed wherever the user goes, and on any available display platform.

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