The Agent Foundations Classes are designed to make the construction of the many types of agents a semi-automated process, in order to extend their distribution, and thus increase the usefulness and effectivity of already-existing agents. The AFC software is available for download with permission. Click here for download instructions.  
The RETSINA Semantic Web Calendar Agent provides interoperability between RDF based calendar descriptions on the web, and Personal Information Manager (PIM) Systems such as Microsoft's Outlook. The RETSINA Calendar Agent is available for download with permission: Click here for download instructions.
      The RESTSINA Communicator is the part of the RETSINA agent architecture that provides for and handles communication with other agents or entities. The Communicator has been designed as a self-contained component that can be configured as part of a RETSINA agent or can be used as the communication component in other agent systems or application programs. The Communicator libraries are available with permission. Click here for download instructions.  

Machinetta: Effective coordination of robots, agents and people promises to improve the safety, robustness and quality with which shared goals are achieved by harnessing the highly heterogeneous entities' diverse capabilities as tasks require. Our goal is to create a proxy-based integration infrastructure where there is a beneficial symbiotic relationship between the proxies and the team members. By leveraging the coordination abilities of both the proxies and the socially capable team members, the quality of the coordination can be improved.


MIGSOCK is a solution to the problem of socket migration. MIGSOCK provides a Linux kernel module that re-implements TCP to make migration possible. MIGSOCK is available for download with permission. Click here for download instructions.

    The MORSE Simulation Environment is a distributed agent-based system that simulates a team-oriented task of range operations during space launch that must be completed by a team of human subjects, with each being responsible for a specific part of the task. The goal of this research is to (i) develop cognitive models that can allow the simulation of human teams without requiring large numbers of human subjects, (ii) understand team behavior to allow development and support of human-agent teams and (iii) to improve the performance of teams in complex tasks by modifying behavior of team members, role and task allocation, and by tweaking the task itself. MORSE is available for download with permission. Click here for download instructions.  
    Pre-Beta release of the Pitt/CMU USAR simulation of the NIST Orange Arena is for demonstration purposes only. We make no representations about its suitability, usability, or performance. This test software is available for download with permmission. Click here for download instructions.  
    TextMiner is a text classification agent application for Intelligent Agent portfolio management. TextMiner is available for download, with permission. Click here for instructions.  
    WebMate is a personal agent for World-Wide Web browsing that enhances searches and learns user interests. Webmate is available for download. Click here.  

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