Awards and Honors



  • Gita Sukthankar and Katia Sycara, "Identifying Physical Team Behaviors from Spatial Relationships," in Proceedings of 2005 Conference on Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation (BRIMS), May 2005, just won a Recommended Reading List award at the BRIMS conference.
  • Gita Sukthankar and Katia Sycara, "A Cost Minimization Approach to Human Behavior Recognition" in Proceedings of the Fourth International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents & Multi Agent Systems (AAMAS 2005), July 2005, is on the 'shortlist' for best student paper award.
  • Yang Xu, Paul Scerri, Bin Yu, Steven Okamoto, Michael Lewis, and Katia Sycara, "Integrated Token-Based Algorithm for Scalable Coordination," is on the 'shortlist' for best overall paper award.
  • RoboCup Rescue US Open, Atlanta, Ga., May 7-10, 2005 --At the RoboCup Rescue US Open, the Carnegie Mellon University and The University Pittsburgh Team RAPTOR won 1st place in the Advanced Mobility class, 1st place in the Advanced Autonomy class and 3rd place in the RoboRescue League. RAPTOR was the only team to enter robots in every round of the competition. The RAPTOR team fielded three robots, a Pioneer, a PER and a Tarantula, that coordinated to search and find victims in 3 arenas of increasing difficulty. Congratulations to Mary Koes, Anton Chechetka, and Robin Glinton.
  • Katia Sycara was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the Department of Computer Science and Communications Systems Engineering of the University of the Aegean. The Honorary Doctorate was given "in recognition of [Dr. Sycara's] outstanding scientific, academic and professional contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence."The inauguration ceremony took place May 10th, 2004 in Samos, Greece.
  • "Modeling Physical Variability for Synthetic MOUT Agents," by Gita Sukthankar, Michael Mandel, Katia Sycara and Jessica Hodgins, was selected for the Recommended Reading List at the 13th Conference on Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulaton (BRIMS).
  • Katia Sycara was elected a Fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) for her "significant contributions to case-based reasoning, autonomous agents, and multi-agent systems." One of a small select group of individuals elected each year, Sycara was recognized at the Fellows Dinner on July 30, during AAAI 2002 in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.
  • Katia Sycara of Carnegie Mellon University has been awarded the ACM SIGART Autonomous Agents Research Award for 2002. Dr. Sycara has made significant contributions to a number of subareas of agent research, including agent architectures, middle agents, and multi-agent negotiation.
  • Katia Sycara has been named representative of the DAML Service Coalition to the WWW consortium (W3C) Working Group on Web Service Architecture.
  • Semantic Web Challenge, the Semantic Web Working Symposium, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. July 2001. Winner: Rahul Singh, CMU Intelligent Software Agents Lab.
  • "Innovative Enterprise Decision Support System." Presented to the Office of Naval Research, our MURI sponsor, for Agent Storm.


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