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Carnegie Mellon Siebel Scholars
-The Siebel Foundation has established the Siebel Scholars Program to recognize the most talented students who have demonstrated academic and leadership excellence at the world's leading graduate schools of business and computer science. Each year, these outstanding students are selected based upon academic merit and leadership in the first year of the graduate studies. Each student receives an award of $25,000.

The purpose of the Siebel Scholars program is threefold: to recognize graduate students who have demonstrated the highest levels of academic achievement and leadership; to support the graduate programs at universities that have made great contributions to the information technology industry and society; and to create a unique community of individuals who will share knowledge, engage in innovative projects, and provide one another with professional support throughout their careers. There is no end to what these Scholars, the best and brightest in their fields, can achieve individually and as a community.

2024 Scholars

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2019 Scholars
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2017 Scholars




  • Jason Richard Koenig, M.S., Computer Science Department

  • Anuj Kumar, Ph.D., Human-Computer Interaction Institute

  • Gabriela Marcu, Ph.D., Human-Computer Interaction Institute

  • Ishan Misra, M.S., Robotics Institute

  • Mrinmaya Sachan, M.S., Language Technologies Institute




  • Michael Benisch, Ph.D., Computation, Organizations and Society, ISR

  • Jana Diesner, Ph.D., Computation, Organizations and Society, ISR

  • Hsin Huang, M.S., Human-Computer Interaction Institute

  • Elijah Mayfield, MS, Language Technologies Institute

  • Adam Skory, MS, Language Technologies Institute


  • Anton Bachin, M.S., Computer Science Department

  • Betty Yee Man Cheng, Ph.D., Language Technologies Institute

  • Matthew Easterday, Ph.D., Human Computer Interaction Institute

  • Brina Goyette, MS, Robotics Institute

  • Jonathan G. Hartje, MS, Software Engineering


  • David Abraham, Ph.D., Computer Science Department

  • Andrew Gilpin, Ph.D., Computer Science Department

  • Ryan D. Miller, MS, Software Engineering, Institute for Software Engineering

  • Daniel Munoz, MS, Robotics Institute

  • Merhbod Sharifi, MS, Language Technologies Institute



  • Michael Dille, MS, Computer Science Department

  • Michael J. Heilman, MS, Language Technologies Institute

  • Lucia de Lascurain Hinojosa, MS, Software Engineering Program

  • Pradeep Kumar Ravikumar, Ph.D., Machine Learning Department

  • Adam Wierman, Ph.D., Computer Science Department






  • Deepayan Chakrabarti, Ph.D.
    Advisor: Christos Faloutsos

  • Timothy Eck, Entertainment Technology Center, M.S.
    Advisor: Randy Pausch

  • John Langford, Computer Science Department, Ph.D.
    Advisors: Avrim Blum, Sebastian Thrun

  • Gregory Steffan, Computer Science Department, Ph.D.
    Advisor: Todd Mowry

  • David Wilkinson, Robotics Institute, Ph.D.
    Advisors: Dimitrios Apostolopoulos, Yoky Matsuoka


  • Frank Dellaert, Computer Science, Ph.D.
    Advisors: Chuck Thopre, Sebastian Thrun

  • Rayid Ghani, Center for Automated Learning and Discovery, MS
    Advisor: Tom Mitchell

  • Craig Olinsky, Language Technologies, MS
    Advisor: Alan Black

  • Jovan Popovic, Computer Science, Ph.D.
    Advisors: Steve Seitz, Michael Erdmann

  • Jeffrey Smith, Robotics, Ph.D.
    Advisor: Irving Oppenheim

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