I am a fifth-year doctoral candidate in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, where I am co-advised by Anind Dey and Sara Kiesler.

My research investigates long-term health collaboration across clinics, homes, and schools. I design and develop solutions by integrating health informatics, ubiquitous computing, and human-computer interaction. My research program centers on the health service practices that I call collaborative reflection: collocated team members reflect on information together over time to make ongoing decisions. This type of informal collaboration occurs in long-term treatment typical of mental health, special needs, and other chronic conditions. My dissertation project is Lilypad.

I am a Siebel Scholar, an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, a Microsoft Research Graduate Women Scholar, and a Google Anita Borg Scholar. I received my B.S. with Honors in Informatics from the University of California, Irvine in 2009. My undergraduate research was advised by Gillian Hayes.

I am also a dancer, and have trained in ballet, contemporary, tap, hip hop, salsa, and Argentine tango.

April 24

Accepted a faculty position at Drexel’s College of Computing and Informatics

May 22

   Presenting a best paper candidate at PervasiveHealth

June 16

Defending my dissertation

Selected Publications

pdf Marcu, G., Dey, A. K., Kiesler, S. (2014). Designing for Collaborative Reflection. To Appear in Proc. PervasiveHealth 2014.

Best Paper Candidate (top 4%) [26% acceptance rate]

pdf Marcu, G., Tassini, K., Carlson, Q., Goodwyn, J., Rivkin, G., Schaefer, K., Dey, A. K., Kiesler, S. Why Do They Still Use Paper? Understanding Data Collection and Use in Autism Education. In Proc. CHI 2013, 3177-3186.

[20% acceptance rate]

pdf Marcu, G., Demerson, H., Ratanalert, C., Shin, C., Jayasinghe, A., Dey, A. K., Kiesler, S. The Lilypad System: Designing for Collaborative Reflection. Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH) 2013. Washington, DC.

Honorable Mention

pdf Marcu, G., Dey, A. K., and Kiesler, S. K. Wearable Cameras in the Home for Autism Support: A Field Study with Families. In Proc. Ubicomp 2012, 401-410.

[19.3% acceptance rate]

pdf Bardram, J. E., Frost, M., Szanto, K., and Marcu, G. The MONARCA Self-Assessment System – A Persuasive Personal Monitoring System for Bipolar Disorder. In Proc. IHI 2012, 21-30.

[18% acceptance rate]

pdf Marcu, G., Bardram, J. E., and Gabrielli, S. A Framework for Overcoming Challenges in Designing Persuasive Monitoring Systems for Mental Illness. In Proc. PervasiveHealth 2011, 1-8.

Best Paper Nomination [30% acceptance rate]

Frost, M., Marcu, G., Hansen, R., Szaánto, K., Bardram, J. E. The MONARCA Self-Assessment System: Persuasive Personal Monitoring for Bipolar Patients. (2011) In the Proceedings of the International ICST Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (PervasiveHealth). 204-205.

Best Demo Award

pdf Hayes, G. R., Hirano, S., Marcu, G., Monibi, M., Nguyen, D. H., and Yeganyan, M. (2010) Interactive Visual Supports for Children with Autism. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. 14(7): 663-680.

Most Downloaded Article

pdf Marcu, G., Kaufman, S. J., Lee, J. K., Black, R. W., Dourish, P., Hayes, G. R., and Richardson, D. J. Design and Evaluation of a Computer Science and Engineering Course for Middle School Girls. In Proc. SIGCSE 2010, 234-238.

[34% acceptance rate]

pdf Hirano, S., Yeganyan, M., Marcu, G., Nguyen, D. H., and Hayes, G. R. vSked: Evaluation of a System to Support Classroom Activities for Children with Autism. In Proc. CHI 2010, 1633-1642.

[22% acceptance rate]

pdf Nguyen, D. H., Marcu, G., Hayes, G. R., Truong, K. N., Scott, J., Langheinrich, M. and Roduner, C. Encountering SenseCam: Personal Recording Technologies in Everyday Life. In Proc. Ubicomp 2009, 165-174.

[13.8% acceptance rate]