Adams Wei Yu

(Adams) Wei Yu

I am a PhD candidate in Machine Learning Department of SCS at CMU, working on large scale optimization, statistical machine learning, deep learning and their applications, advised by Jaime Carbonell and Alex Smola. I also belong to the StatML Group. I was a Siebel Scholar of Class 2015.

Email: wei(my last name) AT cs DOT cmu DOT edu;
   OR: adams(my last name)wei AT gmail DOT com
Address: GHC 8215, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

Recent News

Selected Industrial Internship

  • 2016.5 -- 2016.8, Research Intern, Google Brain and Web Answers. Mentor: Quoc Le and Hongrae Lee.
  • 2015.5 -- 2015.8, Research Intern, Machine Learning Group, Microsoft Research Redmond. Mentor: Lin Xiao.
  • 2012.8 -- 2012.11, Research Intern, DMAS Group, Microsoft Research Asia. Mentor: Haixun Wang.


  • "On Computationally Tractable Selection of Experiments in Regression Models".
    Yining Wang, Adams Wei Yu, Aarti Singh.
    Arxiv, Bibtex.

  • "Doubly Stochastic Primal-Dual Coordinate Method for Bilinear Saddle-Point Problem".
    Adams Wei Yu, Qihang Lin, Tianbao Yang.
    Arxiv, Bibtex.
Journal and Conference:

  • "Learning to Skim Text". (Long Paper)
    Adams Wei Yu, Hongrae Lee, Quoc Le.
    In ACL 2017. Full paper, Arxiv, Bibtex.

  • "An Improved Gap-Dependency Analysis of the Noisy Power Method". (Full oral)
    Maria Florina Balcan**, Simon S. Du**, Yining Wang**, Adams Wei Yu**. (** α-β order)
    In COLT 2016. Full paper, Arxiv, Bibtex.

  • "Adadelay: Delay Adaptive Distributed Stochastic Optimization".
    Suvrit Sra, Adams Wei Yu, Mu Li, Alex Smola.
    In AISTATS 2016. Full paper, Arxiv, Bibtex.
  • "Efficient Structured Matrix Rank Minimization".
    Adams Wei Yu, Wanli Ma, Yaoliang Yu, Jaime G. Carbonell, Suvrit Sra.
    In NIPS 2014. Full paper, Bibtex.
  • "Saddle Points and Accelerated Perceptron Algorithms". (Full oral, INFORMS Data Mining Best Student Paper Finalist)
    Adams Wei Yu, Fatma Kılınç-Karzan, Jaime G. Carbonell.
    In ICML 2014. Full paper, Bibtex, Code.
  • "Reverse Top-k Search using Random Walk with Restart". (Full oral)
    Adams Wei Yu, Nikos Mamoulis, Hao Su.
    In VLDB 2014. Full paper, Technical report, Bibtex.
  • "Efficient Euclidean Projections onto the Intersection of Norm Balls". (Full oral)
    Adams Wei Yu*, Hao Su*, Li Fei-Fei. (* Indicates equal contribution)
    In ICML 2012. Full paper, Bibtex.
  • "Risk Assessment and Adaptive Group Testing of Semantic Web Services".
    Xiaoying Bai, Ron S. Kenett, Wei Yu.
    International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, 22(5): 595-620, 2012. Full paper, Bibtex.
  • "Search by Mobile Image Based on Visual and Spatial Consistency". (Oral, Best Paper Nomination)
    Xianglong Liu, Yihua Lou, Adams Wei Yu, Bo Lang.
    In ICME 2011. Full paper, Bibtex.
  • "Music Identification via Vocabulary Tree with MFCC Peaks." (Oral)
    Tianjing Xu, Adams Wei Yu, Xianglong Liu, Bo Lang.
    In Workshop on Music Information Retrieval with User-centered and Multimodal Strategies, ACM Multimedia, Scottsdale, 2011.
    Full paper, Bibtex.
  • "AUDR: An Advanced Unstructured Data Repository." (Oral)
    Xianglong Liu, Bo Lang, Wei Yu, Junwu Luo, Lei Huang.
    In ICPCA 2011. Full paper, Bibtex.

Selected Awards

  • Invited young researcher (only 200 selected worldwide) in Math and CS to attend Heidelberg Laureate Forum, 2015.
  • Siebel scholar (only 85 selected worldwide), class of 2015.
  • INFORMS data mining best student paper finalist, 2014.
  • CMU research fellowship, 2013-2018.
  • HKU postgraduate scholarship for mphil student, 2011-2013.
  • ICME 2011 best paper award nomination, 2011.
  • China national scholarship, twice.

Professional Activities

  • Organizing Committee: Workflow Chair, AISTATS 2017.
  • Journal Reviewer: JMLR, VLDBJ, TKDE, Neurocomputing.
  • Regular Conference Program Committee (Reviewer): ICML, NIPS, KDD, AISTATS.
  • Student Coordinator: CMU AI Distinguished Lecture Series and Seminar.
  • CMU MLD PhD admission committee.

Teaching Experience