Mar. 2016. My fieldwork with Snackbot featured in MIT Technology Review
January. 2016. Excited to be on the CHI panel on Algorithmic Authority
Dec. 2015. My interview on "working with algorithms" featured in MIT Technology Review and New Scientist
Nov. 2015. Attended the HRI 2016 PC meeting in Palo Alto
Nov. 2015. Gave a talk in the Harvard Berkman Center, summarized here
Nov. 2015. Invited to be a PC member for Ubicomp 2016
Nov. 2015. Organizing a CSCW 2016 workshop, Algorithms at Work. Consider participating!
Nov. 2015. Selected to participate in Rising Stars in EECS at MIT
Oct. 2015. Gave a seminar in the HCI Institute, Carnegie Mellon
Aug. 2015. My work on uber/lyft drivers is cited in a CNET article
July. 2015. My paper on personalization for helath services (Fitbit) is accepted to Ubicomp
June. 2015. Invited to present the Socius project at the NIST/US Ignite Global City Teams Challenge Expo
May. 2015. Won the research competition with the Socius project in the NSF Early-Career Investigator's Workshop
May. 2015. My research on robots in a workplace featured in Harvard Business Review
Apr. 2015. My research on algorithmic management in Uber and Lyft featured in the Washington Post
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