Jan. 2015. NYT article on Uber & the future of work
Jan. 2015. Our work on gaze-based interface is accepted to CHI'15 work-in-progress
Dec. 2014. Paper on algorithmic management accepted to CHI'15
Nov. 2014. My interview about the Roboceptionist research featured in The Atlantic
Nov. 2014. Visiting Seattle for a HRI'15 Program Committee meeting
Oct. 2014. Visited Univ. of Michigan for a MISC seminar
Aug. 2014. Paper on technological mediation, risk-taking & dehumanization accepted to CSCW'15
June. 2014. Attended the NSF/CRA 2025 New Making Renaissance: Programmable Matter and Things workshop in Napa Valley
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Siddhartha Srinivasa
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