Anuj Kumar

Hi, I'm Anuj.

I am a fifth-year PhD candidate at the Carnegie Mellon University's HCI Institute. I am also a Siebel Scholar1, class of 2014. My current research is at the intersection of speech recognition and human-computer interaction, and I use techniques from machine learning, statistical analysis and iterative development in my research. My primary advisor is Florian Metze, and I'm co-advised by Matthew Kam.

I've completed two fantastic summer internships at Microsoft Research (Redmond) and IBM Almaden Research Center (San Jose). At Microsoft, I worked with Tim Paek and Bongshin Lee on a novel speech-based text-input technique called "Voice Typing". See more details in our CHI 2012 paper. At IBM, I worked with Barton Smith and Chris Kau on an iPhone application to facilitate everyday social introductions between strangers. Currently, we have a patent pending on this!

In a previous life, I worked on mobile educational technologies for developing regions, where I developed over 10 games for the Nokia smartphones and Motorola feature phones. This experience lends me a strong learning science and behavioral science background, as well as, a great experience in developing deployable applications for mobile devices. Check out my publications for more details!

1Awarded annually for academic excellence and demonstrated leadership to 85 top students from the world's leading graduate schools in computer science, business, and bioengineering.

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Paper accepted at InterSpeech, 2013

Best Paper Honorable Award at CHI 2009-10

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