Ishan Misra

All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions - Leonardo Da Vinci



My research is rooted in the field of Computer Vision. For now, it is broadly centered around object recognition and semi-supervised learning. In the past I have worked in the areas of Parallel Computing and Operating Systems. [List of Projects]



  • INRIA/Ecole Centrale Paris (2012) : I was an intern under Professor Iasonas Kokkinos working as a part of the INRIA Galen team. My project focused on using Shading cues to estimate surface depth. The dataset comprised of uncalibrated images in unknown general illumination. Our final formulation used combination of intrinsic images, and a new variational formulation of "minimum surface area, fixed volume surfaces" (Zhang et. al. CVPR, 2011) respecting constraints given by surface normals as obtained by Basri et. al. (CVPR, 2001).
  • Course Designer for ITWS-2 (2012) : I was a course designer under Professor Venkatesh Choppella for a freshman course which covered OOP, shell scripting, networking, python and a working knowledge of the GNU/Linux system.
  • Yale University (2011) : I worked as a part of the Dedis group under Professor Bryan Ford. My project involved developing memory management, paging and threading schemes for the Determinator Operating System (a deterministic parallel OS).


  • Data driven Exemplar Model selection for budgeted/anytime detection scenarios [Project Page]

Open Source Projects

  • esvmTestCPP : A C++ implementation of the Exemplar SVM testing pipeline. It includes SIMD optimized code for computing Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) features and performing spatial convolution. (Lead Developer)
  • Determinator OS : A deterministic parallel operating system developed at Yale University.

Curriculum Vitae

A copy (updated on Jan 2015) is available here. Contact me for a more recent version.

Other Interests

In my free time (the amount of which keeps decimating each year) I try to juggle between singing, clicking pictures, thinking about life, customizing my Emacs, writing and dabbling in new languages. My taste in music can be generally classified as rock. The bands I listen to are AC/DC, Def Leppard, Pearl Jam, Creed, Default, Daughtry etc. I am slightly particular about fonts which has led to the title of "Font Nerd" at RI. My friends have different stories of how this title came to be.


  • Email (the best way to reach me) :
  • Office Address : EDSH 115, The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Postal Information (for sending me goodies) : NSH 4000B, The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA 15213, United States


  • Academic Ancestry: (leeched from Scott Satkin's page): Academic Ancestry
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