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Martial Hebert

The Robotics Institute
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Office: 224 EDSH
Phone: +1 (412) 268-2585


My work is in the areas of computer vision and perception for autonomous systems. My interests are in the interpretation of perception data (both 2-D and 3-D), including building models of environments. Current research directions include:

  • Efficient techniques for object/category recognition
  • Use of contextual information, in particular 3-D geometry from images, for scene analysis
  • Symbolic knowledge for scene interpretation and reconstruction
  • Motion analysis for feature extraction and event detection in video clips
  • Efficient tools for the analysis of dynamic 3-D point clouds ("3-D signal processing")
  • Perception for autonomous systems
  • Detection, tracking, and prediction in dynamic environments

Graduate Students

Post-Docs/Visitors/Research Staff

Associated Projects/Labs/Centers

University Transportation Center (UTC)

Quality of Life Technology Center (QoLT)
Vision and Mobile Robotics Lab
Willow Research Team (INRIA)
ASDMCon Project (Civil Eng. Dept.)

Former Post-Docs/Visitors (Since 2008)

Former Students (in approximate chronological order)

  • Ekatarina Taralova (Robotics, PhD, now Post-Doc. at Columbia University)
    • Feature Quantization and Pooling for Videos


Data/Software (See also individual project links)  

·         Set of images and features from images in an indoor environment for testing image matching ZIP file (Warning: over 800Megs!).

·         Labeled 3D point clouds for classification  and 3D segmentation.

Selected Projects (occasionally updated...)

(see the RI Web page for a mostly complete list of publications)

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Data-Driven Exemplar Model Selection
Ishan Misra, Abhinav Shrivastava, Martial Hebert
WACV 2014 (Best Student Paper Award)

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Predicting Failures of Vision Systems
Peng Zhang , Jiuling Wang, Ali Farhadi , Martial Hebert, Devi Parikh
CVPR 2014

Description: a

Style-aware Mid-level Representations for Discovering Visual Connections in Space and Time
Yong Jae Lee , Alexei Efros , Martial Hebert
ICCV 2013

Description: a

Data-Driven 3D Primitives for Single Image Understanding
David Fouhey, Abhinav Gupta , Martial Hebert
ICCV 2013

Description: a

Data-Driven Scene Understanding from 3D Models
Scott Satkin, Jason Lin, Maheen Rashid, Martial Hebert
IJCV 2014, ICCV 2013, BMVC 2012

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Activity Forecasting
Kris Kitani, Drew Bagnell, Martial Hebert
ECCV 2012 (Runner-Up Best Paper Award)

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Model recommendation for vision tasks
Pyry Matikainen, Rahul SukthankarMartial Hebert

Perception for autonomous flying in cluttered environments

Debadeepta Dey, Narek Melik-Barkhudarov, Stéphane Ross, Kumar Shaurya Shankar, Gaurav Singh, Andreas Wendel,


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Object discovery
Hongwen Kang, Takeo KanadeMartial Hebert

Occlusion Reasoning for Object Detection under Arbitrary Viewpoint
Ed Hsiao and Martial Hebert
CVPR 2012

Description: aa

Inference Machines for Scene Understanding

Daniel Munoz , Stephane Ross , Xuehan Xiong , Drew Bagnell , Martial Hebert

Description: aa Description: aa   Description: aa

Robotic object discovery
Alvaro Collet Romea, Martial Hebert, Siddhartha Srinivasa

Description: aa

Prediction of pedestrian trajectories
Luis Navarro-Serment, Drew Bagnell, Martial Hebert

Description: aa

Blocks World Revisited
Abhinav Gupta,
Alexei A. Efros, Martial Hebert

(Runner-Up Best Paper Award)


Stacked Hierarchical Labeling
Daniel Munoz, Drew Bagnell
in ECCV 2010



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Structure Discovery in Multi-modal Data
Alvaro Collet Romea, Siddhartha Srinivasa, Martial Hebert

Description: aa

Addressing Feature Ambiguity for Point-Based 3D Object Recognition
Edward Hsiao,  Alvaro Collet

Description: aa

Contextual Classification with Functional Max-Margin Markov Networks
Daniel Munoz,  Nicolas Vandapel, Drew Bagnell
in CVPR'09

Description: AA

Activity Recognition from First Person Sensing
Ekaterina H. (Spriggs) Taralova, Fernando De la Torre, Martial Hebert

Description: aa

Efficient image indexing for localization and image composition
Takeo Kanade, Alexei A. Efros, Martial Hebert
in 3dRR'09, EgoVision'09

Description: a Description: a

3D Scene Analysis
David Lee, Takeo Kanade, Martial Hebert
in CVPR 2009

Description: ..

An Empirical Study of Context in Object Detection
Santosh Kumar Divvala, Derek Hoiem, James Hays, Alexei A. Efros, Martial Hebert
in CVPR 2009

Description: localtion

Image Matching in Large Scale Environments
Hongwen Kang, Takeo Kanade, Alexei A. Efros, Martial Hebert

Description: event detection

Volumetric Features for Event Recognition in Video
Yan Ke, Rahul Sukhtankar, Martial Hebert
in ICCV 2007.

Description: chairDescription: couch

Detecting Boundaries for Segmentation and Recognition
Andrew Stein, Martial Hebert
in ICCV 2007.

Description: C:\Users\hebert\Dropbox\homew\regs_files\examplel.jpgDescription: C:\Users\hebert\Dropbox\homew\regs_files\exampler.jpg

A framework for learning to recognize and segment object classes
Caroline Pantofaru, Martial Hebert
in BMVC 2007

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Object and Category Recognition from Pairwise Relations between Features
Marius LeordeanuRahul Sukhtankar, Martial Hebert
in CVPR 2007

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Description: C:\Users\hebert\Dropbox\homew\segs_files\seg2.jpg

Evaluation of Image Segmentation Algorithms
Caroline Pantofaru, Ranjith Unnikrishnan, Martial Hebert
in PAMI 2007.

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Recovering Occlusion Boundaries from a Single Image
Derek Hoiem, Andrew Stein, Alexei A. Efros, Martial Hebert
in ICCV 2007.
Source code available

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Putting Objects in Perspective
Derek Hoiem, Alexei A. Efros, Martial Hebert
In CVPR 2006.
Best Paper Award
Source code available

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Geometric Context from a Single Image
Derek Hoiem, Alexei A. Efros, Martial Hebert
In ICCV 2005
 (see also expanded journal version, IJCV 2007)
Executable available (for non-commerical use only)

Description: C:\Users\hebert\Dropbox\homew\icml.jpg

Spectral Techniques for Matching and Inference
Marius Leordeanu, Martial Hebert
in ICML 2006.

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Automatic Photo Pop-up
Derek Hoiem, Alexei A. Efros, Martial Hebert
See article in The Economist
Technology licensed to FreeWebs as Fotowoosh

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3-D Recognition and 3-D environment model building

Description: terrain Description: terrain2 

Terrain Classification from 3-D Point Clouds for Autonomous Mobility
Jean-François Lalonde,  Nicolas Vandapel, Martial Hebert
In Journal of Field Robotics, 2006.

Description: C:\Users\hebert\Dropbox\homew\datmo_files\datmotop.jpg Description: C:\Users\hebert\Dropbox\homew\datmo_files\datmotop2.jpg

Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects  in Dynamic Environments
Christoph Mertz,  Luis Navarro-Serment,  Martial Hebert

Description: graph 3d

Efficient Data Structures for On-Line Processing of 3-D Point Clouds
Jean-François Lalonde,  Nicolas Vandapel, Martial Hebert
In International Journal of Robotics Research, 2007.

Description: WireDescription: Lalonde

Automatic Scale Selection for Analyzing 3-D Point Clouds
Ranjith Unnikrishnan, Jean-François Lalonde,  Nicolas Vandapel, Martial Hebert
in BMVC 2007.