15-317 Constructive Logic

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Date Lecture or Recitation    Additional Material    Homework Due

Tue Aug 29 Overview    
Thu Aug 31 Natural Deduction    

Tue Sep 5 Proofs as Programs    
Thu Sep 7 Harmony   Homework 0

Tue Sep 12 Verifications   Homework 1 (PDF)
Thu Sep 14 Quantification    

Tue Sep 19 Induction and Recursion extracted functions Homework 2 (PDF)
Thu Sep 21 Heyting Arithmetic    

Tue Sep 26 Review   Homework 3 (PDF)
Thu Sep 28 Midterm I (sample solution) practice midterm   (sample solution)

Tue Oct 3 Sequent Calculus    
Thu Oct 5 Cut Elimination    

Tue Oct 10 Propositional Theorem Proving   Homework 4 (PDF)
Thu Oct 12 Inversion    

Tue Oct 17 Certifying Theorem Provers  
Thu Oct 19 Logic Programming   Homework 5 (PDF)

Tue Oct 24 Prolog examples  
Thu Oct 26 Types as Predicates   Homework 6 (PDF)

Tue Oct 31 Chaining meta-interpreter
Thu Nov 2 Datalog Homework 7 (PDF)

Tue Nov 7 Focusing rule summary  
Thu Nov 9 Midterm II (sample solution) practice midterm   (sample solution)

Tue Nov 14 Substructural Deduction   Homework 8 (PDF)
Thu Nov 16 Ordered Logic    

Tue Nov 21 Deciding Ordered Logic implementation Homework 9 (PDF)
Thu Nov 23 Thanksgiving Holiday    

Tue Nov 28 Subsingleton Logic    
Thu Nov 30 Ordered Proofs as Concurrent Programs    

Tue Dec 5 Stacks and Queues Homework 10 (PDF)
Thu Dec 7 Review board  

Tue Dec 12 Final, 5:30pm-8:30pm, BH A51 (sample solution)  

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