Exploring Tekkotsu Programming
on Mobile Robots

David S. Touretzky and Ethan J. Tira-Thompson
Carnegie Mellon University

Draft version (incomplete), last updated June, 2010

Note: this tutorial applies to Tekkotsu version 5.1, released June 2010, and documented at Tekkotsu.org. Some commands described here are not available in earlier releases.

Some methods have been renamed for stylistic consistency, e.g., DoStart() becaomes doStart(), and processEvent(const EventBase&) becomes doEvent(), with event now being a member variable of BehaviorBase that is bound by the do-event mechainsm.

See also: Dave and Ethan's Cognitive Robotics Lecture Notes

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. On-line documentation
  3. Files and directories
  4. Robot safety
  5. Behaviors
  6. Events
  7. Playing sounds
  8. State machines
    1. State nodes
    2. Shorthand notation
    3. Defining new node classes
    4. The Storyboard tool
    5. State signaling
  9. Motion commands
  10. Postures and motion sequences
  11. Walking
  12. World State (outline only)
  13. Low-level Vision
    1. Color image segmentation: EasyTrain
    2. The vision pipeline
    3. Ball detection events
  14. Simulator Mode
  15. Visual routines / dual coding representation
    1. VisualRoutinesBehavior and SketchGUI
    2. Sketch primitives
    3. Shape primitives
    4. Shape predicates and functors
    5. Mixing sketch and shape operations
    6. The Mapbuilder
    7. The Pilot
  16. Kinematics
    1. Vectors, matrices, and homogeneous coordinates
    2. Forward kinematics
    3. Inverse kinematics
  17. Watchable memory
  18. Networking
  19. Inter-robot communication
  20. Troubleshooting and Debugging

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