Updates to ATG Web Page

May 9, 2000. Added a link to the raw text version of Lo's reply to Engelking.

March 15, 2000. Added a link to the WIRED News article on homeopathy.

March 10, 2000. Added Paul Engleking's debunking of Lo's theory, and a link to the Aensio story about Turbodyne auditors resigning.

November 18, 1999.Fixed all the broken UK Shares links to point to their new site ukshares.com. Added a link to the analyst report at www.stockreporter.de.

June 11, 1999. Added Larry Pressler links.

June 9, 1999. Added a link to the tragic story of ``Cheryl S.'', a former Scientologist who mentions ATG. Added a link to the Raging Bull ATEG board.

May 11, 1999. Replaced link to ATEG's copy of the Stevens R. Monte analyst report with a link to my own copy, since ATEG deleted their copy.

April 24, 1999. Added the birthday cake GIF and announcement of the one year anniversary of the web site.

March 16, 1999. Added the amendment to ATEG's form S-3 (registration statement), stock analyst's report from Stevens R. Mante, and Patent #5,872,089 on use of IE crystals as a descalant.

March 11, 1999. Added latest (#8) UK Shares board.

January 5, 1999. Added a link to a tutorial on the second law of thermodynamics, which Dr. Lo's work supposedly violates.

December 22, 1998.Added this critique of our IE crystal recipe. Added a link to John Collins' "Rod Quinn" letter to Lynn Irons, part of Mark Dallara's new web site, Welcome to Occupied Clearwater.

December 17, 1998.Added the IE recipe testimonial from Seattle Slim.

December 11, 1998. Added Dr. Lo's a reply to the Engelking affidavit.

December 4, 1998. Added a humorous recipe for IE crystals. Changed the links on the Lo biography page to point to local copies of his Modern Physics Letters papers, since ATG no longer provides them on their site. Changed the Yarnell track record page to include back links to the Yarnell FAQ and main ATG pages.

November 28, 1998. Added a link to the New (#5) UK Shares ATEG thread.

November 27, 1998. Added links to the Comtrad Industries advertising for The Force.

November 18, 1998. Added a pointer to The DreamTime which is still selling the SuperGlobe. Added a GIF file of the SuperGlobe to the main ATG page.

November 17, 1998. Revised the Afanasyeva news item and the discussion in oregon-doj-afanasyeva.html to include John Collins' claim that the organic compounds were added deliberately by ATG, rather than being contaminants. Added a news item about defections from Mark Yarnell's outfit.

November 14, 1998. Added a pointer to the Latest UK Shares ATEG thread.

October 31, 1998. Added the letter from Dr. Natalya Afanasyeva from the Oregon Files.

October 29, 1998. Added links to Mother Jones magazine for reader response and the original article by Mark Castleman about IE crystals and homeopathy. Fixed the link to Stock Detective's entry on ATG in their Red Light District section now that it's been moved to the permanent archive.

October 23, 1998. Added the Interview with John Collins and a preliminary link to Stock Detective's October 12 Red Light District page. (This link will have to be fixed when the page is moved to their archive section around October 26.) Removed the "Scientology Connections" page; ATG's connection to Scientology is now covered in the Collins interview. Also moved the Scientology links from the "cast of characters" section to the TradeNet section.

October 15, 1998.Added a link to the latest UK Shares page.

October 2,1998. Added Erwin Annau's SP declare to the TradeNet section.

September 20,1998. Added The Oregon Files; a collection of materials from the Oregon Attorney General's office. Made wording changes to the Cast of Characters and Scientology Connections sections, de-emphasizing the Scientology connection somewhat and removing the claim that John Collins is a member. Changed the links to Dr. Lo's two journal papers to point to local copies, since ATG is presently reorganizing its web site.

September 15,1998. Added a link to the Statesman Journal article quoting John Collins on the Laundry Solution being a scam. Added another link to the Tradenet AVC with Oregon; this link is in the IE crystals section, next to the link for ATG's AVC. Changed the text of the UMIST entry; deleted the link to the UMIST Ice Physics home page from the main page; we link to it from the umist.html file.

September 5,1998. Added a breaking news flash that John Collins might not be a Scientologist. Added a second flash announcing Lidstrom's resignation from the advisory board.

September 4,1998. Added links to Structure Probe, Inc. and the resume of Andrew Blackwood. Deleted the word "probably" from the header of ie-scam.html, at the suggestion of Scott Pomrehn; no need for weasel wording here. Added a note that Mary Lidstrom has resigned from the advisory board.

September 3,1998. Minor edits to the Scientology connections page. Alex Nicholson was previously director of R&D but no longer holds that position. An anonymous source claims that Harold Rapp has no connection to Fore Front Direct or Ernest Rapp. Added a link to the new UK shares discussion board that replaced the old board. Rewrote the link to Ketterle's statement about the BASER so that Ketterle's name appears in the link text.

September 1,1998. Added a link to the UK Shares ATEG discussion thread. (Thanks to Scott Pomrehn for pointing this out.) Added a new item to motivation.html explaining that I have never been a Scientologist. Created an archive to preserve old news flashes.

August 31,1998. Restored the link to the Business Week article on "chop stocks" that was inadvertently deleted when it left the "new items" list. Added a note to the item about IHI's press release to make it clear that John Collins did not assume a director role at IHI despite what the press release said.

August 28,1998. Added a reference to some Larry Brady consulting arrangement. Added new info about resolution of NuSkin pyramiding charge in Pennsylvania.

August 24,1998. Added note about J.C. Whitney including The Force in their mail order catalog. Added a news flash about Scott Pomrehn posting as "The Trek" on Silicon Investor.

August 20, 1998. Added an explanation of my motivation for creating this web site.

August 19, 1998. Added an item about the Society of Automotive Engineers dissing Bob Sikorsky.

August 12, 1998. Added Alex Nicholson to the Scientology connections list, and gave him a page of his own for his debut on TNX. Added news flash items on Mark Brady's $130K salary at IHI, and Alex Nicholson.

July 22, 1998. Added a link to the Bose-Einstein Condensation Home Page at Georgia Southern University.

July 18, 1998. Added a new page on the California Air Resources Board, which says The Force doesn't work. The new page is this week's News Flash. Moved the old news flash on UMIST to the "IE crystals scam" section.

July 11, 1998. Added a new page on The UMIST Affair, and made it the News Flash on the main page.

July 8, 1998. Added link to the UMIST Ice Physics home page, which comments unfavorably on ATG.

July 7, 1998. Added link to a distributor's web page for The Force. And another distributor's page. Added link to an ATG press release picked up by The Auto Channel. Re-organized the "cast of characters" section, deleting some minor players who are now covered on the Scientology Connection page. Fixed broken link to IBM patents database.

July 6, 1998. Added a link to the Business Week article on chop stocks.

June 30, 1998. Added a section on The Force. Added a page of links to consumer protection agencies. Move the BASER section down a bit so that the IHI/21st Century section now directly follows the TradeNet laundry ball section, and added an image of the vacuum chamber they're touting as a BASER.

June 26, 1998. Added a page on ATG's Scientology Connection.

June 16, 1998. Added a link from the BASER section to the MIT atom laser web site.

June 15, 1998. Added MLM Truth newsletter exposing Yarnell compensation plan. Added letter about Yarnell track record from "John Q. Netowrker". Added links to these items from from the Yarnell FAQ page.

June 14, 1998. Added information about Scientology FSO selling 10,000 shares of ATG stock in 1995.

May 23, 1998. Added some additional publications to the Dr. Lo bio page.

May 19, 1998. Added the Mark Yarnell FAQ. Added the Mona Charen column on the BASER (pure crap).

May 18, 1998. Removed the "Loose Ends" item asking whether Mark Brady is Lawrence Brady's son; this has now been confirmed. Added a link to the 1996 American Lawyer article on Helena Kobrin to the "Kobrin Connection" page, and corrected the year of her Usenet Kook award (it was 1995, not 1996.)

May 15, 1998. Added the IE crystals symposium proceedings to Dr. Lo's publicaton list. Corrected the explanation about ATG's stock symbol being ATEG (can't have three letters unless NYSE or AMEX.) Added the "Kobrin connection" page.

May 11, 1998. Added photos of the ATG building in Monrovia. Added "10 signs of scam" from stockdetective.com. Added ATG article at redhotstocks.com.

May 8, 1998. Added King World press release. Added "Loose Ends" section to replace the "Other Shady Characters" section. Added additional publications to Dr. Lo's biography. Converted quotes from TradeNet correspondence to TABLE format.

May 5, 1998. Added information about Mark Brady of IHI.

May 3, 1998. Added an analysis of Lo's papers by Steven Bittenson. Deleted the Usenet thread with Mark Thorson. Changed the URL for the showcase of laundry ball products.

May 1, 1998. Added info about NuSkin's troubles with the FTC, and a link to the QuackWatch entry on MLM scams.

April 30, 1998. Added table of contents. Added info on David Gann.

April 29, 1998. Revised and amplified the IHI/21st Century descriptions, adding additional links to news stories and SEC filings. Created a bio page for Dr. Lo and added a preliminary listing of patents held by him.

April 28, 1998. Added links to homeopathy essays by Stephen Barrett and the National Council Against Health Fraud. Added reference to The LIght Party's endorsement of the BASER.

April 27, 1998. Added copies of Usenet discussion with Mark Thorson about progress in ice physics.

April 25, 1998. Added a section on the Ie crystals scam, including a page on the physics of ice, citations to S.-Y. Lo's papers in Modern Physics Letters, and a discussion of polywater.

April 24, 1998. Added links to DejaNews, Silicon Investor, and Yahoo. Added letter from John Collins to Lynn Irons. Added information on Francis Phalen. Added information about Mark Yarnell, Nuskin, and 21st Century Global Network. Corrected statement about who agreed never to market IE crystal products in Oregon again (it was TradeNet, not ATG).

April 23, 1998. Page created.

Dave Touretzky
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