Alex Nicholson

The following message is from TNX (Theta News Exchange), a mailing list for Scientology members. People fill out a little questionnaire when they apply to join the list. If accepted, the moderator posts the questionnaire to introduce the new member to the group. Here is Alex Nicholson's debut on TNX.
Date: Sat Apr  4 13:21:39 1998
Subject: TNX ADMIN: Welcome Alex Nicolson 
                         Theta News eXchange
Please welcome Alex Nicolson, from Glendale, California
What is your job or profession?
Mechanical Engineer
When did you get into Scientology? 1978  
What training have you done? CLIV, OT6, PTS/SP, EO Full Hat, OT Doc
Cse, Invest Tech Cse, ISE, Various Div 6 Cses  
What is your processing level? OT7
Where are you currently on lines?  CCI
What service are you currently on? PTS/SP  
Who referred you to TNX? Margie Maselli  
Anything else you'd like to originate? Looking forward to this
connection with theta spuds

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