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The June 1998 issue of the MLM Truth newsletter, published by Michel Klimek, offers a critical look at the compensation plan for members of Mark Yarnell's 21st Century MLM network.

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Subject: Yarnell Exposed

:::::::::::::::: MLM TRUTH MAY PART 3 ::::::::::::::::

---------->MLM TRUTH NEWSLETTER MAY 1998<-----------
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Mission Statement: To educate people on the
specifics on how to make a common sense business
decision in Network Marketing and to achieve
financial abundance in MLM by sorting through
the hype, lies and misinformation.


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**WARNING** Failure to study and absorb this Report can
result in Tremendous LOSS of Time, Money and Credibility.

"One time a cop pulled me over for running a stop sign.
He said, "Didn't you see the stop sign?"  I said, "Yeah,
but I Don't Believe Everything I Read!" - Steven Wright

DON'T Believe everything you read!! The above joke is
funny......but the implications of the following are NOT!


This is THE FIRST time the MLM TRUTH newsletter has put
all promised subjects on the back burner and will focus
on just one VERY Hot MLM Subject:


This exclusive edition of MLM TRUTH is entitled:

*SHEEP to the SLAUGHTER: A SHOCKING Report on what
may just be The Biggest Fiasco Ever to Hit MLM!!!!*

FIASCO according to Websters Dictionary:
"A Crash: A Complete or Ridiculous Failure"

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? Mark Yarnell has done alot
throughout the years of putting MLM "On the Map".
He was the person who was featured in SUCCESS magazine
with a monthly one page article on Network Marketing.

He has been referred to as "The Greatest Networker in
the World" by Upline. He has generated Mega Millions
of Dollars with his 200,000 downline in NuSkin......

And, by the way..... if you think MLM TRUTH is
just some dinky publication with an "axe to
grind", consider the following:

NOTE: I did NOT know these folks "from Adam" and
did NOT solicit this endorsement.......

*Major Business Research Firm Endorses MLM TRUTH!*

"I would like to take a moment to congratulate you
on one of the best MLM reports I'm seen on the
Internet.  My name is Charlie Latham and I own The
Business Opportunity Researcher.(TBOR) Our Company
will research any National Company,Business Opportunity
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"I too was bitten by the MLM Bug that turned sour and
became a financially draining venture. There are so
many misinformed people out there and after the company
I was associated with was temporarily shut down by the
FTC,I began a crusade to find some answers for myself.

"Your report is so well written and so in depth we refer
to it on our web page and when clients contact us about
your info we send them your website and hope they
subscribe to your newsletter.

Aloha! Charlie Latham
CFL Services Plus: Home of The Business Opportunity
Services Inc.(808) 533-2031 ext 6955

Mark Yarnell/NuSkin and his "New Deal"

I was stunned.

Shocked beyond belief.


Why? I was told that Yarnell's "new 3 level
unilevel pays exceptional generational bonuses..
that MLM legend Yarnell said instead of having
a few $100,000 per month people on top (like NuSkin)
....we'll create a MLM with tons of people making
$10,000+ per month.."

So I, maybe he has seen the folly
of his ways and will lead the industry trend of
using a compensation plan whereby the majority
in MLM can make $.

But NO!

But after I got the compensation plan faxed to
me, got my calculator out and then read other
documentation on the product and "cast of characters"
in his new MLM......I was Absolutely SHOCKED, but
not surprised because.......

"A Leopard Doesn't Change It's Spots!"

Why? Because they simply cannot resist Seducing the
masses through the use of HYPE ! "Hype" is a common
phrase that comes from the word "hyperbole".

HYPERBOLE: (According to Webster's Dictionary):
"Extravagant Exaggeration of statement; a statement
Exaggerated FANCIFULLY- fanciful is "delusive imagination".

So here is how HYPE is used to....

"Lead Sheep to the Slaughter

The following is an analysis of just a few of the
word-for-word quotes taken from their website:

"PowerSystems Team Members invite you to take part in
what will be the Greatest Opportunity Ever to exist
in the History of Network Marketing.......

"A recruiting FRENZY is about to hit the networking
world as industry leaders discover that The Most
visible and *Ethical Figure in networking today,
Mark Yarnell, has left his former position to
create a new company!"

=====This is HYPE at it's best (WORST!)! And hype has as
its goal the creation of a "FRENZY" you know why?

FRENZY: (Websters): Comes from the Greek root meaning
"DISEASE of the MIND"...."any Violent Mental Agitation
approaching to distraction: WILD EMOTIONAL Excitement".

Is this just my "Opinion"? I received this unsolicited
testimonial from a gentleman from a "competing"
(compressed pay plan) MLM company......he does a GREAT
JOB exposing "HYPE"!:

Date:Sat 28 Mar,1998 -Gordon,MLM TRUTH Subscriber Writes:
"You have a unique talent of combining bone-crunching
truth with sarcastic comedy 'AAAAAH, a man after my own
heart.  If we lived closer we'd be great friends. I try
to take the same kind of approach but sometimes I get a
little over the edge..... I just can't stand all the
BS'ers & crooks in this industry!!!

"You'd think after 15yrs. I'd be used to all the scams....
But No, 'cuz everyday the fax spits out new ones that are
driven by Greed, Laziness, Stupidity and that "Lotto
mentality". No one wants to work for anything anymore..
"throw the money at the wall and see what sticks"........
Actually spend 10 hrs a week working the business?? Nah,
I don't think so man.....I gotta go to the beach and
scratch my lotto tickets or ???? something!

"OK, so there's a little sample of "over the edge".
The truth is I love this business and am always trying
to help anyone who is honest about building their business.
What a great life...Welcome to Planet Earth!!

**Maybe the ultimate MLM product would be "BS Eradicator"!
Talk about a consumable product!!"  ....Gordon

In other words, HYPE seduces us to "throw logic out the
window" and make an EMOTIONAL, rather than a BUSINESS
decision! Like Tony Little who hung himself with
the MLM company Longevity when he said :

"If I don't Bring On 1,000,000 (That's One Million)
distributors in the next 2 years, I'll Consider myself
a failure"
 Tony Little, Longevity.: Page 74 of SUCCESS Sept. '97

Well, guess what? He WAS a failure AND I'd be willing to
bet that the Yarnells will "eat their words" with HYPE
statements like this:

"Mark & Rene Yarnell have aligned themselves with
the greatest minds in science, technology, business,
and government to create our industry's
((((First 10 Billion Dollar company!))))"

This IS Laughable...but the Sheep (making emotional
decisions) being lead to the MLM Slaughter will leave
dead bodies strewn over the battlefield!

But here's the caveat (a fanciful expression for
***WARNING****)---------->and I'll use one of the
expressions Mark Yarnell has been famous for:


For those who do NOT want to be a SHEEP, and who do
NOT want to fall prey to HYPE, and NOT get suckered
into the FRENZY, but would like to make a sound
business decision..........

Let's look at Mark Yarnell's well know saying:
"The proof is in the Printout". In other words,
the Numbers don't lie!!

So, let's see how the Numbers in the Yarnell comp
plan add up......Get out your calculator!

The Yarnell "21st Century Comp Plan"

A true story........

RECRUITER:"Hey! Yarnell has just launched the
most powerful MLM in History!! Joint venture of 3 of
the top companies in their field- Yarnell, A world
exclusive unduplicatible product line and major company
with 50 MD's and health care professionals. Revolutionary
comp plan pays $ all over the place. Wanna join?

MLMTRUTH: What does one have to do to make $1,000 per
month in residual income?

RECRUITER:"Huh...ahhhh...well.....I never really figured
that out?

MLMTRUTH:I's the bottom line: 95% in MLM are
not "big hitters". They are part time. They are not "sales
or recruiter types". Historically, 95% only build a small
downline and never see income beyond their second or third

So let's say the average Joe out there sponsors 4 people
and helps each of those 4 sponsor 4 each. That's a group
of 20 people. Let's take the $100 per month personal
volume of Yarnells company....

Do you know how much Yarnell will pay you in this scenario?

RECRUITER: No...haven't thought about much?

MLMTRUTH: $100! 5% X $2,000 volume(20 people X $100)=$100.
To make a $1,000 monthly residual income check,
you'd have to have around 200 ACTIVE members
doing $100 per month! 200 X $100= $20,000 X 5%=
$1,000. But since HISTORY in the 53 year old MLM
Industry has shown that only around 15-20% remain
active IN PLANS LIKE THIS, you have to have
around 1,000 people recruited in your downline!!

Only 1% will ever see this kind of downline!!!!

BTW: Would YOU work for Bill Gates & Microsoft at
$5 per hour just because of how great they are??!!

RECRUITER: Hey but, this is going to be HUGE!!! Our
self efficacy, health efficacy, personal efficacy,
ecological efficacy and community efficacy will
change the face of MLM ! When I hit Executive,
that's where the big bucks start!!

MLMTRUTH: I don't think people will relate to this
"efficacy" stuff, but have you figured out the details
of what you'd have to do to become an Executive?

RECRUITER. Kind of....we've been so swamped getting
hundreds into my downline...this is exploding!

MLMTRUTH. To hit the first income promotion, here is
what you have to do:

*In ONE 30 day calendar period, you have to have 3
SEPARATE legs with $1,000 of product volume in
EACH leg PLUS have 4 retail customers. That means
having at least 10 people in each leg personally
consuming $100 of product AND each of those having
2 retail customers getting at least $50 per month.

RECRUITER. That's easy! We just get everyone to buy
the $400 Business Builder package.

MLMTRUTH. Are you aware that Yarnell pays you on only
$200 of that?

RECRUITER. Yea-big deal! I'll be an Executive in no time!

MLMTRUTH. Do you know the amount of your Commission Check
that Yarnell will send to you when you achieve


MLMTRUTH. $150 for $3,000 of group volume! You'll still
be in a big negative cash flow when you consider self
consuming $100 per month, paying shipping, advertising,
long distance bills, literature mailings etc. There
are over 20 companies in MLM that would pay you OVER
$1,200 for the SAME volume!!! That's 800% MORE for the
SAME amount of work !!

RECRUITER. Yea, but I also get $75 for each $400 Business
Builder package I sell!

MLMTRUTH. That's a one time thing. You are in this for
the financial freedom that large residual income brings,
right? You DON'T want to see yourself as a "one time"
commission sales person....

RECRUITER. Of course! That's' why I'm excited about getting
5% through 6 levels...compression and generational bonus $!
Then the infinity bonuses.

MLMTRUTH. Hold on.....What do you think your fall out %
will be when most of your downline's residual income
check won't even cover their expenses and they lose

RECRUITER. That's where retailing comes in! We have a
link on our site to MLM LAW-- the feds are gonna come down
hard on MLM companies that don't have their distributors

MLMTRUTH. Hmmmmmmm. The vast majority in Amway don't retail-
they personally buy the products. Same way with Herbalife
and NuSkin and others. If the "feds" change the rules,
every legitimate MLM company will adjust and comply...
but I'll tell you what: International Multi Billion
Dollar Companies like Amway etc. won't just lay over
when these types of changes are proposed......

RECRUITER. You don't get it! We have products that NO
ONE ELSE can copy! Patent Pending and revolutionary!!!

MLMTRUTH. Do you know " The Rest of the Story" behind that?


((((((((((((("The Rest of the Story")))))))))))))))

Well, it's bad enough that the compensation plan
penalizes the majority market in network marketing.
Just because of the bad comp plan, the case is
closed....but there is much more to it.

One would have to be a combination of Sherlock Holmes,
Paul Harvey, David Horowitz, 20/20, the CIA etc to
really get to the Truth here.... but even if 5% of
the info located on this site is true...they are in
big trouble!

What am I talking about?

((((((((An "Expose" Website on Mark Yarnell,
his "Patent Pending Products" and much more)))))


This info is very disturbing...especially with the
linked documentation. I have no idea what info at
this site is true or not....but one MLM TRUTH
subscriber forwarded me the following:

"The other day I received a promo in a card deck
offering "Free Report- The Real Story Behind MLM
Success (and Failures!) by Dr. Charles King, Harvard
PHD. Professor of Business, University of Illinois"

"I have tried for 1 week to get through to the phone
number listed on the card- NO Answer! 904-285-7254
Probably Dr. King is in SHOCK that his beloved Mark
Yarnell has sold his NuSkin distributorship so went
into hiding! Here is some of the past propaganda
Dr. King has fed the industry:

"Timing: They say the Best time to get involved is when
a company hits $50 million in sales...."Momentum Stage".

The reason King says $50M is the magic # is
because he is feeding on the propaganda NuSkin feeds
him. Dr. Charles King is actually an mlm partner with Mark
Yarnell (front line through his wife's name)!  It was
Mark's idea to start the U of IL's Certificate in Network
Marketing. Yup...he's a NuSkin rep even though he will deny
being part of the Industry...he won't deny his wife IS
and check her's hilarious!"

(This source asked to remain anonymous, but I was
sent the Dr. King promo card with the bad phone #)

Isn't it amazing that these Self Proclaimed "MLM Experts"
are actually puppets of the MLM puppeteers??

Hey folks, this reminds me of a famous "quote".....

" Nothing in the world can take the place of  persistence.
Talent will not: Nothing is more common than unsuccessful
people with great talent. Genius will not: Unrewarded genius
is almost a  proverb. Education will not: THE WORLD IS FULL
of EDUCATED  DERELICTS. Persistence, Determination alone are
omnipotent. "         USA President Calvin Coolidge

THE Bottom Line

Bad comp plan, A NEW MLM Company (99.9% fail), HYPE,
questionable "patent pending" products and associates.

Unless you the Las Vegas type..."Just Say NO!"


There have been Much More Accomplished MLM
Professionals than Yarnell that have FAILED
by becoming MLM Owners!

Get Our FUN to Read and *Heavily Documented*
past newsletter (Sept 1997) entitled:

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Warm Regards from Maui, Hawaii!!

Aloha for now to ALL!!

Michael Klimek.... on behalf of the
**MLM TRUTH Coalition**

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