15-849: Low-Power Computing


There are no required textbooks for the course. Depending on your background, you may find some of the following texts useful for references. In general, we assume that the average student taking this course is familiar with undergraduate operating systems, networks, and computer architecture concepts.

Possibly useful as references in your projects:


Your final grade for the course will be based on:

The midterms will be non-cumulative midterms, one in the middle and one towards the end of the semester.


This class is evolving rapidly; everything here, including the grading criteria, is subject to change.



Also available as an ical file that you can subscribe to.

Note: The schedule is (clearly) still evolving. For an unordered list of papers we'll be reading, see the course Wiki.

Date Instructor Notes Readings
Tue 01/13 Introduction; the big picture
Surveying the Landscape of Low-Power Computing
Thu 01/15 The Host 1--Frequency and voltage scaling, electronics
MOSFET operation example Weiser-OSDI1994, Lorch-Mobisys2003
Tue 01/20 The Datacenter 1--Cluster Services
Tolia-HotPower2008, Lorch-NSDI2008
Thu 01/22 The Network--lower-power architectures
Keslassy-Sigcomm2003, AlFares-Sigcomm2008
Tue 01/27 The Global Enterprise---moving computation geographically
Qureshi-HotNets2008, Church-HotNets2008, Nedevschi-HotPower2008
Thu 01/29 Power Saving for Wireless 1---two nodes
Wang-Wireless2006, Krashinsky-Mobicom2002
Sensor Networks
Tue 02/03 Sensor Networks 1
Dutta-xsm, Klues-sosp2007
Thu 02/05 Sensor Networks 2 - Energy from the Environment
Scan through the Simulating Power paper to get an idea of the methods and tools. Don't have to read it in huge detail. Shnayder-sensis04, Kansal-spots05, Jiang-spots05
Tue 02/10 Sensor Networks 3 - Aggregation and Energy Balance
guest lecture, Phil Gibbons, Intel Research
Please read the first two papers, and briefly scan the third.
Nath-Gibbons-vldb08, Synopsis-sensys, ACQP-sigmod03
Thu 02/12 Sensor Networks - Going tiny with RFID
pervasive-rfid is an easy to read RFID background
Folks interested in energy harvesting should peek at Experimental Results with Two Wireless Power Transfer Systems - harvesting energy from a nearby TV tower.
WISP-ieee2008, pervasive-rfid
From Sensors to VMs - offloading computation
Tue 02/17 Each unto their abilities...
TENET-SenSys2006, Kimberley-MobiVirt2008
Thu 02/19 VMs and Datacenter Power Management
NoPower is quite math-y; read to get the gist... HPC-Power, NoPower
Tue 02/24 Supercomputers - BlueGene and Beyond
See also the Wikipedia article about the Roadrunner supercomputer. BlueGene, GreenDestiny
Thu 02/26 No class today
Tue 03/03 Handing Power Management in VMs
Saving power in Storage Systems
Thu 03/05 Storage Technologies Overview
Tue 03/10 Spring Break
Thu 03/12 Spring Break
Tue 03/17 Project Updates
Each group should have a roughly 5 minute talk summarizing where they are and where they're going.
Thu 03/19 Single Disk Storage
SpinDown, TwoSpeedDisks
Tue 03/24 Managing Power in Enterprise Storage
WriteOffload, PARAID
Thu 03/26 We need disks. Lots of idle disks.
MAID, Pergamum
Tue 03/31 Class canceled
Thu 04/02 Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy, Hefty Hefty Hefty
JouleSort Gordon FAWN Gordon, JouleSort
Tue 04/07 Gordon continued, FAWN
Thu 04/09 The Network 2 - putting it to sleep
Nedevschi-NSDI2009, Agarwal-NSDI2009
Tue 04/14 Back to the Big Picture
Watch the google videos, they're cool. Katz-SmartGrid, Katz-Datacenters, Google-DataCenters
Thu 04/16 Carnival
Tue 04/21 Energy and computing broadly considered
Guest lecture, Jason Campbell, Intel
Thu 04/23 No class - finish up presentations
Tue 04/28 Project Presentations
derosa group, vikramg group, milop group
Thu 04/30 Project Presentations
vrv group, lparolin group, jbauman group, mwachs group
Thu 05/07 Final reports due in dga's office by 3pm

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