Date Topic Teacher Slides and Links
1/11 Social choice: basic concepts Procaccia slides
1/13 Social choice: complexity of manipulation Procaccia slides, paper
1/18 Martin Luther King Day
1/20 Social choice: advanced manipulation Procaccia slides
1/25 Social choice: ranking and selection systems Procaccia slides, paper
1/27 Social choice: voting rules as maximum likelihood estimators Procaccia slides, paper 1, paper 2
2/1 Fair division: cake cutting algorithms Procaccia slides
2/3 Fair division: complexity of proportionality Procaccia slides, paper
2/8 Fair division: rent division and computational resources Procaccia slides, paper 1, paper 2
2/10 Fair division: indivisible goods Procaccia slides, paper 1, paper 2
2/15 Cooperative games: basic concepts Zick slides
2/17 Cooperative games: the Shapley value Zick slides
2/22 Cooperative games: cost sharing and the bankruptcy problem Zick slides, paper
2/24 Matching: kidney exchange (incentives) Procaccia slides, paper
2/29 Matching: kidney exchange (optimization) Dickerson slides, paper
3/2 Matching: online algorithms Procaccia slides, paper 1, paper 2
3/7 Spring break
3/9 Spring break
3/14 Matching: stability Dickerson slides, paper
3/16 Noncooperative games: basic concepts Procaccia slides
3/21 Noncooperative games: minimax theorem via regret minimization Procaccia slides, AGT Ch. 4
3/23 Noncooperative games: the price of anarchy Procaccia slides, AGT Ch. 19
3/28 Noncooperative games: Stackelberg equilibrium, security games Procaccia slides, paper
3/30 Mechanism design: truthful approximations without money Procaccia slides, paper 1, paper 2
4/4 Mechanism design: truthful approximations with money Procaccia slides, AGT Ch. 11
4/6 Social networks: coordination games Procaccia slides, AGT Ch. 24
4/11 Social networks: influence maximization Procaccia slides, paper
4/13 Social networks: small world phenomenon Procaccia slides, paper
4/18 Project presentations: Arvind+Mogali, Bao+Zou, Wajc Students
4/20 Project presentations: Chen+Xu, Cooksey, Jaffer+Mohanty Students
4/25 Project presentations: Kimura+Zou, Lu+Sieger, Benade+Schlief Students
4/27 Epilogue Procaccia