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Lisp code for benchmarking, research, education, and fun


   bench/     Lisp Benchmarking Suites
   codewalk/  Codewalking: Lisp code that grovels over 
              arbitrary Lisp code
   csp/       Prosser's hybrid algorithms for the Constraint 
              Satisfaction Problem
   db/        Database programs implemented in Lisp.
   ext/       Lisp Code Extensions: Collection of miscellaneous 
              Lisp code.
   fun/       Some random fun programs written in Lisp, 
              including Life and sunrise/sunset calculations.
   ilu/       ILU: Xerox PARC Inter-Language Unification
   impdep/    Collections of Implementation-Dependent Lisp Code
   io/        IO: Lisp code dealing with input and output 
   iter/      ITER: Macro packages for iteration in Common 
   match/     Pattern matching code, unifiers, regular 
              expression matchers.
   math/      Math Library: Lisp code for various mathematical 
   parsing/   Collection of Lisp code for parsing.
   search/    Lisp code for searching.
   syntax/    Code related to changing or translating to/from 
              Lisp syntax.
   testing/   Lisp programs for testing Lisp programs.
   tools/     Lisp Utilities: Collection of miscellaneous Lisp 
This directory contains a variety of Lisp code and algorithm implementations. This collection is intended to facilitate code reuse. The code included here is of a type more basic to programming in Lisp. AI software systems that happen to be implemented in Lisp will appear in the areas/ directory tree.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Lisp!Code
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