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Prosser's hybrid algorithms for the Constraint Satisfaction Problem

This directory contains Patrick Prosser's hybrid algorithms for the binary constraint satisfaction problem. Search algorithms include chronological backtracking, backmarking, backjumping, forward checking, graph-based backjumping, conflict-directed backjumping, backjumping with directed 2-consistency, forward checking with directed 2-consistency, conflict directed backjumping with directed k-consistency, forward checking with conflict-directed backjumping, with directed k-consistency, and various combinations.

Ports: SCLisp 4.0 (developed using the Symbolic Programming Environment, SPE 1.2) CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Patrick Prosser Keywords: Authors!Prosser, Backjumping, Backmarking, Backtracking, CSP, Constraint Satisfaction, Forward Checking, Lisp!Code References: The algorithms are described in the following papers: [1] P. Prosser "Hybrid algorithms for the constraint satisfaction problem", to appear in Computational Intelligence 9(3), Autumn 1993 (previously technical report AISL-46-91) [2] P. Prosser "BM+BJ=BMJ" Proc CAIA-93, 257-262 [3] P. Prosser "Domain filtering can degrade intelligent backjumping search" to appear in Proc IJCAI-93 [4] P. Prosser "Forward checking with backmarking" Technical Report AISL-48-93, Dept CS, Univ Strathclyde, Scotland
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