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Math Library: Lisp code for various mathematical functions.


   atof/      ATOF: PARSE-FLOAT, a Common Lisp implementation 
              of ATOF
   bell/      Bell's number: Lisp code for a function thar 
              return's Bell's number.
   clasp/     CLASP and CLIP: Common Lisp Analytical Statistics 
   clmath/    CLMath: Common Lisp library of mathematical 
   hist/      HIST: Simple histogram facility using Format 
              strings for output.
   isqrt/     ISQRT: Code for efficient calculation of integer 
              square roots.
   matrix/    Matrix: Matrix routines for Common Lisp.
   maxima/    MAXIMA: Information about MAXIMA for Common Lisp
   mma/       MockMma: Mathematica-style parser written in 
              Common Lisp.
   numrecip/  Numerical Recipes in Lisp
   quine/     QUINE: Quine Tree algorithm for satisfiability
   random/    Pseudo-random number generator implemented in 
              Common Lisp.
   sapa/      SAPA: Library of Lisp functions for spectral 
              analysis and statistics
   simplex/   SIMPLEX: Common Lisp implementation of the 
              Simplex algorithm.
A variety of mathematical functions implemented in Lisp.
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