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Numerical Recipes in Lisp

This directory contains a variety of "Numerical Recipes" in Common Lisp, including Fast Fourier Transform, Bessel Functions, Gamma Functions, Beta Function, Factorial, Binomial Coefficients, Error Function, Legendre Polynomials, White Noise, Exponentially Distributed Noise, Gaussian Noise, Convolutions, Autocorrelations, Correlations, Discrete Fourier Transforms, Power Spectrum, Polynomial Interpolation, Polynomial Division, Numerical Integration, Mean, Standard Deviation, and Median.
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Version: 26-AUG-94 Requires: Common Lisp Updated: Fri Aug 26 17:16:08 1994 CD-ROM: Author(s): Bill Schottstaedt Keywords: Authors!Schottstaedt, Autocorrelations, Bessel Functions, Beta Function, Binomial Coefficients, Convolutions, Correlations, Discrete Fourier Transforms, Error Function, Exponentially Distributed Noise, Factorial, Fast Fourier Transform, Gamma Functions, Gaussian Noise, Legendre Polynomials, Lisp!Math, Math, Mean, Median, Numerical Integration, Polynomial Division, Polynomial Interpolation, Power Spectrum, Standard Deviation, White Noise References: The functions were translated from "Numerical Recipes in Pascal" by Press, Flannery, Teukolsky, and Vetterling, Cambridge Univ Press, 1989. All functions and variables retain the original names.
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