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MAXIMA: Information about MAXIMA for Common Lisp

Maxima is a Common Lisp version by William Schelter based on the original Macsyma implemented at MIT. It is based on the release from MIT to the DOE of the original MACSYMA. We have not included MAXIMA in the repository because of concerns about the copyright status of the code. Although the changes made by William Schelter to port Maxima to Common Lisp are free, the original Macsyma isn't. One previously was able to obtain a license for MAXIMA from National Energy Software Center (NESC) Argonne National Laboratory 9700 South Cass Avenue Argonne, IL 60439 Tel: 615-576-2606, 708-972-7250 for fees ranging from $1300 to $2800, with the cheaper licenses for universities. However, the NESC doesn't seem to exist any more, so the status of the code is unclear. A copy of a message from Richard Petti, President of Macsyma Inc., on this issue is included in this directory.
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   Also affine-2.tar.Z, affine.tar.Z, and maxplot.tar.Z

Version: 4-155, 13-DEC-89 Ports: AKCL, Lucid, Allegro, TI CL and Symbolics CL. AKCL provides the best performance for maxima according to William Schelter's tests [as of 25-JUN-87 --mk]. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): William Schelter University of Texas Austin, TX Keywords: Authors!Schelter, Lisp!Math, Macsyma, Math, Maxima, Univ. of Texas References: MACSYMA Reference Manual, Version 10, Vols. I and II, Laboratory for Computer Science, MIT, 1983. [Documentation for Macsyma.] Introductory MACSYMA Documentation: A Collection of Papers, Laboratory for Computer Science, MIT, 1982. [Documentation for Macsyma.]
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