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MockMma: Mathematica-style parser written in Common Lisp.

This program is a rough shell that has only rudimentary (but fast) parsing, display, numeric evaluation, polynomial/rational simplification, integration, and some pattern matching. It is not a substitute for Mathematica (r), Maple (r), etc., and is not intended to compete with such commercial systems. This system can be used for experimentation, such as inserting an entirely different evaluation strategy or an entirely different numeric system, and re-run your "Mathematica(r) source code" through it. Or hook it up to your favorite other semantics for solve, integrate, and so on (e.g. JACAL, Reduce, Macsyma, Maple, ...).
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Version: 1.5, 19 Nov 1992 Ports: Runs in any valid Common Lisp. Tested in Allegro, KCL and Lucid. Copying: Use, copying, distribution, and modification permitted. Please send Fateman mail if you get a copy, so he can keep you up to date on new features and improvements. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Richard Fateman 510-642-1879 Keywords: Authors!Fateman, Lisp!Math, Math, Mathematica, MockMma References: ?
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