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Code related to changing or translating to/from Lisp syntax.


   cgol/      CGOL: Algol-like language that compiles into 
              Common Lisp.
   fontstrp/  Font Stripper: Strips Symbolics font information 
              from a text file.
   glisp/     GLISP: Alternate syntaxes for Common Lisp
   haskell/   HASKELL: Yake Haskell system.
   infix/     INFIX: Infix reader macro for Common Lisp.
   measures/  MEASURES: Handles engineering numbers and 
              measures in Lisp.
   name_spc/  One Name Space (ONS): Provides for a single Lisp 
              name space for functions and variables
   parcil/    PARCIL: A Parser for C syntax In Lisp
   trans/     Code for translating one Lisp syntax to another.
Programs that provide an alternate syntax for Lisp, translate from one version of Lisp to another, or provide a syntax extension to Lisp.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Lisp!Syntax, Syntax
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