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IO: Lisp code dealing with input and output routines.


   cbrk/      CBREAK: Turns CBREAK mode on and off to allow 
              Lisp to read the input character by character.
   dates/     Date Formatter: Lisp code for formatting dates 
              and times nicely.
   fast_io/   Fast_IO: Code and discussion of fast file IO in 
   plisp/     PLISP: Lisp-to-PostScript compiler.
   query/     QUERY: Lisp code for querying the user.
   rpc/       RPC: Common Lisp implementation of SUN RPC.
   sockets/   SOCKETS: Using UNIX sockets from Lisp.
   tl/        TL: Support for Top-Level interaction loops in 
   xp/        XP: XP Common Lisp pretty printer
A variety of programs and notes dealing with input and output operations in Lisp. Includes code for dealing with rpc and sockets in Lisp fast file i/o pretty printing lisp expressions printing formatted dates querying the user top-level loop turning on CBREAK mode in Lisp
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: IO, Input, Lisp!IO, Lisp!Sockets, Output, Sockets
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