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RPC: Common Lisp implementation of SUN RPC.

Common Lisp implementation of SUN RPC that currently runs only in Xerox Common Lisp, but was written with portability in mind. It has been the basis of many robust clients (including NFS) but includes little support for the implementation of network services. The code was originally written by Jeff Finger while at Stanford, and has been subsequently revised at Xerox by Bill van Melle. The authors hope that someone will be enticed to: (1) port the code other Common Lisp implementations; and further (2) extend the system to support implementation of servers Both of these are significant programming efforts, requiring familiarity with both SUN RPC and the foreign function interface of the target Lisp. The first task also requires some familiarity with Interlisp-D.
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Copying: The copyright permits almost anything to be done with the code, so long as changes are made available to Stanford and Xerox at no charge. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Jeff Finger (Stanford) Bill van Melle (Xerox) Contact: Doug Cutting, Keywords: Authors!Cutting, Authors!Finger, Authors!van Melle, Lisp!Extensions, SUN RPC, Stanford, Xerox PARC References: ?
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