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TL: Support for Top-Level interaction loops in Lisp.

This package implements a few general purpose support routines for "top level" interaction in Lisp. The function Top-Level implements a lisp listener and command interpreter similar in behavior to the alias command feature in Franz or the command prompt in Symbolics' Genera. Top-level is completely generic. You create your own interpreters or applications by defining new command tables. A sample application called TL is provided that implements an interpreter that supports a few commands for general lisp interaction, such as Package, Cload, Macroexpand etc. The function Ask-User is a general purpose user-query facility. The function Edit-Object supports interactive clos object editing by dynamically defining a command table appropriate to the object and invoking a Top-Level loop to implement editing commands. TL is part of the Common Music (CM) music composition language, but is generic enough and portable enough to be of use in other applications. CM itself is available by anonymous ftp from [] and [] in the files pub/cm.tar.Z.
Origin: (tl.lisp)

Ports: has been tested in MCL 2.0, Franz 3.1/ 4.1 (SGI, NeXT), and AKCL 615 (NeXT). CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Rick Taube, or . Keywords: Authors!Taube, IO, Input, Lisp!IO, Output, Top-Level Loop References: ?
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