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XP: XP Common Lisp pretty printer

XP provides efficient and flexible support for pretty printing in Common Lisp. Its single greatest advantage is that it allows the full benefits of pretty printing to be obtained when printing data structures, as well as when printing program code. XP is efficient, because it is based on a linear time algorithm that uses only a small fixed amount of storage. XP is flexible, because users can control the exact form of the output via a set of special FORMAT directives. XP can operate on arbitrary data structures, because facilities are provided for specifying pretty printing methods for any type of object. Note: This will be part of the new Common Lisp standard, so distributing it separately will be unnecessary in a few years once all implementations support the new standard.

   MERL.COM: /pub/xp/xp* and /pub/lptrs/xpx*

Ports: Portable. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: None. Author(s): Dr. Richard C. Waters, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories 201 Broadway Cambridge MA 02139 617-621-7508 Keywords: Authors!Waters, IO, Input, Lisp!IO, Output, Pretty Printing, Printing Data Structures, XP Contains: xpx-test.lisp ; Test cases for complex example xpx-code.lisp ; example of using XP (see Lisp Pointers 5(2), 1992) xp-doc.txt ; Brief documentation xp-test.lisp ; Test cases to check the code on a new Lisp xp-code.lisp ; Code for XP References: Waters R.C., ``Pretty Printing'' in Common Lisp: the Language, Second Edition, 748--769, Steele G.L.Jr., Digital Press, Burlington MA, 1990. Waters R.C., ``Using the New Common Lisp Pretty Printer'', ACM Lisp Pointers, 5(2):27--34, April 1992.
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