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QUERY: Lisp code for querying the user.

The QUERY package generalizes the capabilities of the Lisp functions Y-OR-N-P and YES-OR-NO-P, and is similar in many ways to the Symbolics FQUERY function. There are several major differences, one of which is QUERY's ability to timeout with a default value. In addition to redefining Y-OR-N-P and YES-OR-NO-P in terms of QUERY, this package defines Y-OR-N-P-WAIT and YES-OR-NO-P-WAIT to illustrate the timeout capability. More complicated queries are possible using the QUERY function.
Ports: Portable. Copying: Free use, modification, and distribution. Copyright 1993 by Mark Kantrowitz. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Mark Kantrowitz, Keywords: Authors!Kantrowitz, CMU, IO, Input, Lisp!IO, Output, Query, Yes/No References: ?
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