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Lisp Code Extensions: Collection of miscellaneous Lisp code.


   alerts/    ALERTS: A convenient debugging status indicator
   autoload/  AUTOLOAD: Loads function definition from file 
              upon function call
   complete/  COMPLETION: Code for completing a string against 
              a dictionary.
   copy_obj/  Copy Objects: Code for copying CLOS/PCL objects
   enum/      ENUMS: C-style ENUMs for Lisp
   errors/    WITHOUT-ERRORS: Catches all error signals in a 
              running program
   init/      Initializations: Like the initializations 
              features of Lisp machines.
   library/   Library of miscellaneous small extensions to 
              Common Lisp
   lp/        Logical Pathnames: Portable logical pathnames 
   memoize/   MEMOIZE: The Automatic Memoization Facility
   packages/  Code related to Lisp PACKAGE definitions
   resource/  RESOURCES: Portable implementation of resources.
   save_obj/  SAVE-OBJECT: Saves ASCII representations of Lisp 
              objects to a file.
   screamer/  SCREAMER: Adds backtracking and constraint 
              satisfaction to Common Lisp.
   tables/    DEFTABLE: Unifies interface to Common Lisp's 
              table-like data structures.
   trees/     TREES: Lisp data structures, including Binary 
              Search Trees, Priority Queues, and Red-Black 
   types/     Type Simplifier: A simple type simplifier
   wood/      WOOD: William's Object Oriented Database
This directory contains a variety of extensions to Common Lisp and miscellaneous Lisp code.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Lisp!Extensions
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