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Library of miscellaneous small extensions to Common Lisp

Collection of small extensions to Common Lisp. It is a combination of the CL-LIB package by Brad Miller and a similar package by Mark Kantrowitz , with contributions by , , Barry Margolin, Kerry Koitzsch, Larry Stead, Vincent Keunen, Fernando D. Mato Mira, and Tom Kramer.
Version: 2/15/93 Copying: GNU GPL CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Mark Kantrowitz, Contact: Mark Kantrowitz, Keywords: Authors!Kantrowitz, Authors!Keunen, Authors!Koitzsch, Authors!Kramer, Authors!Margolin, Authors!Mato Mira, Authors!Miller.Brad, Authors!Stead, CMU, GNU GPL, Lisp!Extensions, Lisp!Extensions Library References: ?
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