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Some random fun programs written in Lisp, including Life and sunrise/sunset calculations.

A variety of Lisp programs that do fun things: CONX. Creates a word-frequency trigram database from a file of text and then uses it to produce random sentences. Version 1.3, 24-APR-91. Written by Skef Wholey and Jamie Zawinski . LIFE. An implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Author unknown. Ported and bugs fixed by Mark Kantrowitz. SOUNDEX. A program for encoding words and names in a compact manner that includes a notion of phonemic similarity. Written by Norman R. Stewart Jr., . SUNSET. A program that calculates the time of sunrise and sunset given the date, longitude and latitude. Written by Mark Kantrowitz, . TETRIS. Tetris ported to the Symbolics by Claus Reimann .
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Conway's Game of Life, Conx, Life!Implementations, Lisp!Fun Programs, Soundex, Sunrise, Sunset, Tetris References: ?
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