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Genetic Algorithms Software Packages


   ant/       ANT: PC implementation of 'John Muir Trail' 
   cfsc/      CFS-C: Domain Independent Subroutines for 
              Implementing Classifier Systems in Arbitrary, 
              User-Defined Environments
   dgenesis/  DGENESIS: Distributed GA
   em/        EM: Evolution Machine
   ga_ucsd/   GAucsd: Genetic Algorithm Software Package
   gac/       GAC: Simple GA in C
   gacc/      GACC: Genetic Aided Cascade-Correlation
   gaga/      GAGA: A Genetic Algorithm for General Application
   gags/      GAGS: Genetic algorithm application generator and 
              C++ class library
   gal/       GAL: Simple GA in Lisp
   game/      GAME: Genetic Algorithms Manipulation Environment
   gamusic/   GAMusic: Genetic Algorithm to Evolve Musical 
   gannet/    GANNET: Genetic Algorithm / Neural NETwork
   gaw/       GAW: Genetic Algorithm Workbench
   geco/      GECO: Genetic Evolution through Combination of 
   genalg/    GENALG: Genetic Algorithm package written in 
   genesis/   GENESIS: GENEtic Search Implementation System
   genesys/   GENEsYs: Experimental GA based on GENESIS
   genet/     GenET: Domain-independent generic GA software 
   genie/     Genie: GA-based modeling/forecasting system
   genitor/   GENITOR: Modular GA package with floating-point 
   genlib/    GENlib: Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks
   giga/      GIGA: Gene Invariant Genetic Algorithm
   libga/     LibGA: Library of GA routines written in C.
   lice/      LICE: Parameter optimization program based on 
              evolution strategies
   messy_ga/  mGA: C and Common Lisp implementations of a messy 
   michal/    GENOCOP, Genetic-2, and Genetic-2N: GA numeric 
              optimization packages
   paragene/  PARAGENESIS: Parallel version of Grefenstette's 
              GENESIS program
   paratsp/   ParaTSP: Parallel GA with Simulated Annealing to 
              solve TSP's
   pga/       PGA: Parallel Genetic Algorithms Testbed
   scs/       SCS: C port of Goldberg's Simple Classifier 
   scsc/      SCS-C: C port of Goldberg's Simple Classifier 
   scsp/      SCS-P: Goldberg's Simple Classifier System in 
   ses/       SES: Simple Evolution Strategy
   sga/       SGA: Ports and extensions of Goldberg's "Simple 
              Genetic Algorithm"
   tolkien/   TOLKIEN: C++ Class Library for GA and Classifier 
              System Applications
   winga/     WinGA: Simple Genetic Algorithm for Windows

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This directory contains genetic algorithms software packages.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Genetic Algorithms
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