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WinGA: Simple Genetic Algorithm for Windows

WinGA is a user-friendly interactive demonstration of a simple genetic algorithm (GA). The program allows the user to vary GA parameters and to analyze the performance of the GA. Here, the GA optimizes the function f(x) = (x/c)^10.

Version: 1.0 (8-SEP-94) Requires: MS Windows 3.1x Copying: Copyright (c) 1994 by Jason H. Moore. Shareware $10. (See gamusic.txt for details.) Updated: Thu Oct 13 19:23:29 1994 CD-ROM: Author(s): Jason H. Moore or Software Visions 615 Hidden Valley Drive #211 Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Keywords: Authors!Moore, Genetic Algorithms, WinGA Contains: ? References: ?
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