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GenET: Domain-independent generic GA software package

GenET is a domain-independent GA package. All problem independent mechanisms have been implemented and can be used regardless of application domain. It allows the fast development of applications. GenET is intended to become a depository of representations and operators and to be used as a tool for comparing different models and strategies. The algorithm provides many models and choices. For example, population models include generational GA, steady-state, (n,m)-EP and (n,n+m)-EP models. Choices include automatic adaptation of operator probabilities and a dynamic ranking mechanism. The two included examples illustrate how to implement problems with heterogeneous and homogeneous structures (with explicit rep/opers) and how to use the existing library (FP).

Version: 1.00 (20-SEP-93) Requires: UNIX, C, C++ (AT&T, gcc) CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Cezary Z. Janikow Department of Math and CS, CCB319 St. Louis, MO 63121 Tel: +1 (314) 553-6352 Fax: +1 (314) 553-5400 Keywords: Authors!Janikow, C!Code, C++!Code, GenET, Genetic Algorithms References: Includes a copy of the GenET user's manual.
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