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GAGS: Genetic algorithm application generator and C++ class library

GAGS 0.92 (Genetic Algorithms from Granada, Spain) is a system designed to make it simpler to design a genetic algorithm. It consists of a C++ class library for programming genetic algorithms. But from a user point of view, it is a genetic algorithm application generator. The application generator takes a fitness function written in C and surrounds with enough code to produce a complete program. It then compiles it and runs it for you. GAGS includes the following features: - A "chromosome" hierarchy, with variable length chromosomes. - Selection procedures include steady-state, tournament, and roulette-wheel. - Crossover is 2-point. Uniform crossover is also supported in the library, but the apps generator does not know about it. - Mutation is bit-flip, with user-supplied frequency. Other operators, like gene duplication or elimination, and gene transposition, are also included in the library, but not in the apps generator. - Best fitness and individual are printed on STDOUT or to a file. - Most GA parameters are inside a configuration file, so that different operators and frequencies can be tested on a fitness function. Only the fitness function and the output options are fixed, once the program has been generated and compiled. - Fitness evaluation using training files. - Graphics output through gnuplot. The application generator is written in perl, so this language must also be installed before using GAGS.
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Version: 0.92 (23-AUG-94) Requires: C++, PERL Updated: Thu Oct 13 18:05:23 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): J.J. Merelo Guervos Univ. Granada Keywords: Authors!Guervos, C++!Code, GA Application Generator, GAGS, Genetic Algorithms Contains: gagsprog.pgz Gzipped postscript for the programmer's manual. gags09*.tgz GAGS References: ?
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