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GENEsYs: Experimental GA based on GENESIS

This directory contains GENEsYs, a genetic algorithms implementation based on Grefenstette's GENESIS. It includes extensions and new features for experimental purposes, such as different selection mechanisms (linear ranking, Boltzmann selection, mu-selection, lambda-selection), general extinctive selection variants, and extended recombination operators (m-point, uniform, discrete and intermediate recombination). Self-adaptation of mutation rates is also possible. A set of objective functions is provided, including De Jong's functions, complicated continuous functions, a TSP-problem, binary functions, and a fractal function. There are also additional data-monitoring facilities such as recording average, variance and skew of object variables and mutation rates, or creating bitmap-dumps of the population.
Origin: []
   as the file GENEsYs-1.0.tar.Z

Version: 1.0 (3-JUL-92) Requires: C Copying: Copyright (c) 1992 by Thomas Baeck Use, copying, and distribution permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Thomas Baeck or Computer Science Department, LS XI University of Dortmund D-44221 Dortmund, Germany Tel: +49-231-755-2569 Fax: +49-231-755-2450 Keywords: Authors!Baeck, GENESIS, GENEsYs, Genetic Algorithms References: ?
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