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Artificial Life Packages


   3dlife/    3d Life: Three-Dimensional Cellular Automata
   autogen/   Autogen: Simulation of self-organizing molecules.
   biomrf/    BIOMURFFS: Simulated evolution system.
   biosim/    BIOSIM: Biologically-Oriented Neural Network 
   bugs/      BUGS: Better to Use Genetic Systems
   bugs_dos/  BUGS: Critters hunt bacteria.
   bugworld/  BUGWORLD: Bug ecology, with predators.
   darwin/    Darwin: An Evolutionary System.
   devo/      DEVO: 
   echo/      Echo: Model of agent interactions
   evo/       Evo: Human Evolution Demonstration Program
   evolutn4/  Evolution: Simulation of adaptation.
   genesis/   GENESIS: GEneral NEural SImulation System
   lee/       LEE: Latent Energy Environments
   life/      Implementations of Conway's Game of Life
   lsys/      Lsys: Grow lifelike plants using simple rules.
   nugs/      Nugs: Graphic simulation of Darwinian evolution.
   pfg/       PFG: Plant and Fractal Generator
   polywrld/  Polyworld: Artificial Life Ecological Simulator
   psoup/     PSOUP: Primordial Soup
   tierra/    Tierra: Evolution of digital organisms
   vamv/      VAMV: Video Alpha Mosaic Virus
   xantfarm/  An X Windows ant farm.
This directory contains artificial life software packages.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Artificial Life
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