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  • Source_code: Philip Torr's stereo vision code - routines to generate corner matches between images guided by RANSAC and epipolar geometry, fundamental matrix estimation, synthetic data generation, trifocal tensor estimation, and more.



  • Test_image: Densely Sampled View Spheres - Densely sampled view spheres - upper half of the view sphere of two toy objects with 2500 images each.
  • Source_code: Automatic edge thresholding - Automatic edge thresholding as described in paper by Venkatesh and Rosin (GMIP, Vol. 75, pp. 146-160, 1995)





  • Source_code: MeasTex - A framework for quantitative measurement of image texture classification algorithms.

  • Source_code: AutoTrace - AutoTrace converts bitmaps to vector graphics
  • Source_code: IPTool - Freeware image processing toolkit for Windows
  • Source_code: AdOculos - PC-based image processing without the need of extensive programming knowledge
  • Source_code: Geographic Resources Analysis Support System - An open source, Free Software Geographical Information System (GIS) with raster, topological vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality that operates on various platforms through a graphical user interface and shell in X-Windows. It is released under GNU General Public License (GPL).
  • Source_code: Nuages - A package for 3D reconstruction from parallel cross-sectional data. It uses the Delaunay triangulation.
  • Source_code: UTHSCSA ImageTool - A free image processing and analysis program for windows.
  • Source_code: ImgStar Image Processing Tools - Complements Pbmplus with edge detection, high/low/band-pass filters, thresholding, etc.
  • Source_code: XLI - X11 display tool.
  • Source_code: Random dot stereogram generators - Pictures, programs, and information on single image random dot stereograms.
  • Source_code: Convex grouping code - Robustly locates salient convex collections of line segments in an image.
  • Source_code: HIPS - General Unix-based Image Processing System with C source code (Commercial package $$)
  • Source_code: ImageMagick - Load, display, process, save, and convert images in many formats. Works on Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac. Includes a display program, a converter, screen capture, animator, and more.
  • Source_code: Intel Image Processing Library - Optimized assembly MMX code for image processing, pattern recognition, signal processing, and matrix manipulation. The computer vision code was folded into the Integrated Performance PRimitives library and it is no longer free.
  • Source_code: Karma Library - Image processing and interprocess communications toolkit
  • Source_code: LaboImage - Image processing and analysis toolkit for Windows or X11/Motif.
  • Source_code: Mesa - Mesa is a 3-D graphics library with an API which is very similar to that of OpenGL.




  • Source_code: NewCyber3D - Commercial software for OpenGL 3D graphics, GIS, stereo display, image processing, and visualization
  • Source_code: Uratek - Software for real-time object tracking, gaze tracking, and camera motion estimation
  • Source_code: Scion ImagePC - Scion frame grabber interface and image processing software based on NIH Image. Windows and Mac versions available. (free)
  • Hardware: Pixelsmart - Video frame grabber manufacturer.
  • Source_code: Jpeg/Dicom library - MFC source code for jpeg/dicom/twain (commercial, but limited free version available)
  • Source_code: PixeLook - PixeLook is a powerful set of components for Delphi 6 for creating professional-looking image- and 2D-data processing applications.
  • Conference: British Machine Vision Conference 2003 - The British Machine Vision Conference is the main UK conference on machine vision and related areas. Organised by the British Machine Vision Association, the 14th BMVC will be held at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. BMVC solicits full-length high-quality papers in image processing and machine vision. All papers will blind-refereed. Successful papers will be presented at a single-track conference held in September 2003.
  • Group: Weizmann Institute of Science - Computer Vision Lab
  • Source_code: 2D and 3D Image Filter: Facor. - Facor is an image filter suitable for enhancement of wide variety of 2D and 3D images, including medical diagnostic images (commercial software).
  • Source_code: VideoOCX - VideoOCX functions in an ActiveX programming environment and allows you to easily integrate video capture and image processing capabilities into your software program. (commercial software)

  • Group: Brown Universtity - SHAPE Lab - Shape representation, 3D object and scene reconstructions, Object recognition, Computer vision for Architecture, Archaeology, CAD, and beyond.
  • Source_code: EdgeDetector - JavaBean for edge detection using Canny algorithm (commercial software)
  • Source_code: THBComponentware - THBImage - Commercial windows-based image processing library.
  • Source_code: Salience distance transform - The salience distance transform incorporates edge strength information into the distance transform. The output is more robust and informative as input for techniques such as snakes.
  • Source_code: MontiVision Development Kit - A DirectX-based development kit for vendor independent image and video processing applications, programmable via COM interfaces. Contains a free development environment. (commercial software)
  • Source_code: EIKONA - A family of general purpose, highly portable image processing applications. The full implementations contain more than 500 routines. Demos available. (commercial software)
  • Source_code: DIVA 3D - Diva3D for Windows is a software package for digital video processing and analysis.
  • Hardware: Seeing Machines - Seeing Machines has a focus on vision based human machine interfaces. Develop technology that provides head, pose, gaze direction and eyelid closure tracking.
  • Source_code: Able Image Analyser - Windows application for image analysis, processing and measurement (commercial software).
  • Source_code: ImageGear - Commercially available imaging toolkit for Windows, UNIX, and MAC. Supports all of the popularly used graphics file formats.
  • Hardware: BiTEC - Low cost video camera daughter card with high-speed serial port. An ideal solution for educational/research and low volume image processing and machine vision applications.
  • Source_code: Associative Memory for Face Memorization and Recognition - Free fully self-contained C++ code for on-the-fly storing and retrieving of patterns, such as binary coded faces, using projective associative memory.
  • Source_code: Sherlock Machine Vision Software - Machine vision and image processing package with intuitive user interface. For commercial machine vision tasks, but free demo allows unlimited use on image files.
  • Source_code: SNVision SDK - A windows-based SDK for real-time recognition and tracking. (commercial software)
  • Source_code: Image Restoration and Inpainting - Large Library in c++ for slow and fast image restoration, inpainting, morphology, and distance mapping. (free software)
  • Group: University of Toronto - Computational Vision Group

  • Group: University of Rochester - Vision and Robotics research - Lab
  • Demo: Ikona - Content-Based Image Retrieval using relevance feedback
  • Hardware: SkySoft Express Image processing systems - Digital image processing systems for the trade, banking and insurance industries. Highlights: OCR, Barcode, Object measurement, pattern recognition and more.
  • Source_code: FreeImage - FreeImage is an Open Source project for developers who would like to support popular graphics image formats like BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAS, PNM, PCX, TGA in their C++ applications for Windows.
  • Test_image: JAFFE Facial Expression Image Database - The JAFFE database consists of 213 images of Japanese female subjects posing 6 basic facial expressions as well as a neutral pose. Ratings on emotion adjectives are also available, free of charge, for research purposes.
  • Related: Facial Expression Resources Page - Links to research groups and other resources concerning facial expression recognition.
  • Related: Homepage of Fuzzy Image Processing - Introduction to theory of fuzzy image processing, people researching in this area, literature, software, ...


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