New additions to the Computer Vision Homepage (Summer, 1999)

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  • Demo: Corner Detection in Curves - Five algorithms for corner detection in planar curves are described and presented for online comparison.
  • Hardware: Sundance - Multi-processor DSP solutions for high performance image processing, area scan, and linescan framegrabbers
  • Group: U of Pisa - Industrial Vision Lab - Artificial vision applications to manufacturing processes and product quality control.
  • Source_code: Segmentation of Skin-Cancer Images - Implementation of an algorithm for segmenting images of skin cancer and other pigmented lesions (see Image and Vision Computing, January 1999, pp. 65-74).
  • Demo: Image Guided Decision Support System - Video demo of a system for remotely viewing and analyzing medical imagery.
  • Source_code: Clemex Vision - Commercial software for analysis of images from microscopes.
  • Source_code: Microsoft Easy Camera Calibration Tool - a flexible camera calibration technique, which only requires the camera to observe a planar pattern shown at a few (at least two) different (unknown) orientations.
  • Source_code: BrainTech's Odysee Development Studio - Commercial program - A drag-and-drop environment for vision system prototyping and testing (a la Wit, Vision Blox, Khoros, etc.). It is also an open architecture so that one can import their own C/C++ functions.
  • Source_code: DTU Image Viewer and Analyser - The DIVA consists of a number of image analysis functions collected in C++ template image classes and a windows interface, which handles a wide variety of different image file formats and pixel types. Everything is available as source code.
  • Conference: 10th British Machine Vision Conference
  • Hardware: Eltec - Supplier of imaging and image processing products including framegrabbers and intelligent cameras.
  • Source_code: Maximum-Flow Stereo Algorithm - Code for the maximum-flow formulation of the N camera stereo correspondence problem.
  • Demo: Content-Based Image Retrieval: Interactive Learning and Search - This demo has a supervised learning capability to fine tune search queries.
  • Test_image: Brown University Stimuli - A variety of datasets including geons, objects, and "greebles". Good for testing recognition algorithms.

  • Source_code: Aphelion - Commercial image processing and understanding package for Windows. Features a rapid prototyping environment, image processing and object recognition libraries, and a vision tutorial.
  • Source_code: Bersoft Image Measurement - Measure length, angle, segments, perimeter and area in digital images. Commercial package for windows.
  • Group: Medical Image Computing - Specializes in 2-D and 3-D medical image acquisition, manipulation, display, analysis, transmission, and archiving.

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