What's New in the Computer Vision Home Page?

(Spring 1996)

12 May 1996
Added U Oxford Robotics Research group.

24 March 1996
Added ICCV'98.

Thanks for your continued patience, and expect lots of new pointers in April.

7 March 1996
Added GKPO'96 - Computer Graphics and Image Processing conference, U London Queen Mary and Westfield College.

1 March 1996
Added AIC Color 97 conference, Vision Interface 96 conference.

Updated 1994 ARPA IUW Proceedings, ARPA Image Database browser. Please let me know when these things change URLs!!

There are still several submissions in the queue, I promise I'll get to them within a week.

27 February 1996
Added Mesa OpenGL package.

25 February 1996
Added U California Irvine Computer Vision lab, Columbia U Automated Vision Environment, CAVE, U California Santa Barbara Vision Research. Updated IEEE SW Symp. on Image Analysis.

18 February 1996
Added Aalborg U Image Analysis Group.

10 February 1996
Removed black background, now that the alert has expired.

8 February 1996
Added black titlepage background and link to Blue Ribbon Anti-Censorship Campaign.

4 February 1996
Replaced the dozen icons on the title page with a single titlebar, requiring less download time and offering more options. Please let me know of any problems!

3 February 1996
Added CMU Advanced Perception Seminar syllabus.

2 February 1996
Updated Image and Vision Computing.

30 January 1996
Added Image and Vision Computing.

19 January 1996
Added new section to the Source Code page for Mathematical Toolkits (at the bottom of the page), and section labels to the Publications page.

Added Numerical Recipies Books On-Line, Gravigs Colour Graphics and Visualisation tutorial packages.

18 January 1996
Updated U Victoria Vision and Electronic Measurement lab (I'd entered malformed html on the groups page).

17 January 1996
Added U Bern Face images, Edge list approximation code, PNG (Portable Network Graphics) info.

Updated U Ulster Computer Vision and Image Processing Research group

8 January 1996
Added ICIP-96, U Jena Digital Image Processing group, U Basel Scientific Photography and Image Processing lab, Munsell Color Science Laboratory, film scanners info, VRL Imaging Machine demo, Johannes Kepler U Computer Vision Research group, Boston U Image and Video Computing Research group, U Cologne Pattern Recognition group, Vision and Imaging Technology Links, Vision 1 Product Information, VisionNetwork.

Updated DRA UK Image and Pattern and Information Processing, lots of pointers to Teleos Research and their ftp directories.

31 December 1995
Added RMA Signal and Image Processing, Virage, Inc., CADCV'96, Ygl GL graphics library for X11, SatherVision toolkit, ANU Biorobotic Vision.

Updated U California Berkeley Computer Vision, WiT demo.

30 December 1995
Added WACV'96. Updated U Chicago Vision and Robotics.

Updates are likely to occur infrequently, so please be patient. I've got to spend some time finishing my thesis...

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