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  • Source_code: Utah Raster Toolkit - UNIX commands and C libraries for an 8 bits/pixel, 1-255 channel image format.
  • Publication: Videre - Journal of Computer Vision Research
  • Source_code: Graphics Gems - Generally useful graphics and image processing subroutines from the similarly-named books.


  • Group: - Research into new theory, algorithms and architectures to support real-time computer vision.
  • Hardware: Datacube, Inc. - Maker of high-performance, pipelined acquisition, processing, and display hardware on the VME and PCI bus. Site includes product information, newsletters, articles, and job listings.
  • Test_image: Hyperspectral dataset of natural scenes - Hyperspectral images of 29 natural scenes with 31 bands each collected by Bristol University for DRA UK.
  • Related: Perceptual Organization Page - A compilation of web links and resources about visual perception and perceptual grouping.
  • Group: - specializing in medical computer vision
  • Related: PKT Technologies - provides integrated, custom quality control solutions
  • Conference: The 8th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns - a traditional Central European Conference devoted to all aspects of computer vision, image analysis, pattern recognition and related fields.
  • Demo: B-DASUR1 - A contour recognition system that can recognize printed and hand-written characters as well as other things such as silhouettes. No source code.
  • Conference: European Conference on Computer Vision '98

  • Conference: International Conference on Vision Systems - SCOPE By vision systems we refer to fully integrated (and operational) systems. There has been a lot of research on component technologies as described in standard vision conferences like ICCV, ECCV, and CVPR. It is, however, characteristic that very little has been reported on fully INTEGRATED systems. Integration of component technologies requires not only vision techniques, but also understanding of fundamental concepts from basic computer science (like scheduling and planning), methods for handling of uncertainty, control theory (for interactive systems), etc. This conference focuses on methods and concepts for construction of fully integrated systems. TOPICS The conference solicits papers on the following topics - System architectures - Methods for system synthesis and verification - Active Vision systems - Control of perception and attention - Knowledge/system representation - Multi-Agent systems and coordination - Context modeling - Cue integration - Prototype systems - Performance characterization & benchmarking
  • Group: - vision for autonomous robots
  • Group: - Computer vision and Medical Imaging research

  • Source_code: Khoros - An integrated software environment for data exploration and visualization, visual programming and simulation, and sofware development.
  • Group: - creators of Khoros
  • Info: Comp.Soft-sys.Khoros - and its FAQ

  • Conference: Workshop on European Scientific and Industrial Collaboration on promoting Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing - The aim of the First WESIC is to provide a forum where companies, universities, institutes, and research centres may interchange experiences in meeting the needs of advanced technology in manufacturing systems. The workshop will be of particular interest to those companies and institutions that are interested in collaborating in scientific projects in their sector. The intention is to identify common points of interest in order to participate in collaborative actions such as: research agreements, integration of PhD students in european companies, transfer of technology, thematic networks, European Community research projects, etc.
  • Group: - specializing in sensor integration and active perception
  • Group: - Image processing and analysis
  • Hardware: MuTech - maker of frame grabbers for PC's
  • Related: Homepage for 3D (stereo/multiview) coding - Includes conferences, research groups, and related sites.
  • Group:
  • Group: - - vision-guided automation
  • Related: Homepage of Fuzzy Image Processing - A brief introduction and some related information
  • Source_code: HIPS - General Unix-based Image Processing System with C source code (Commercial package $$)
  • Hardware: VigraVision - Color Frame Grabber, Image Procesing and Accelerated SVGA Display
  • Test_image: UMass Vision Image Archive - Large image database with aerial, space, stereo, medical images and more.

  • Source_code: Interactive Data Language (IDL) - IDL is a development environment for data visualization, 2D and 3D graphics, and image processing.
  • Conference: International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems and Technology - All aspects of computer graphics, image processing, and pattern recognition are included in CISST.
  • Info: File formats - descriptions of gif, jpeg, wav, tar, zip, and many more
  • Source_code: ImageMagick - Load, display, process, save, and convert images in many formats. Works on Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac. Includes a display program, a converter, screen capture, animator, and more.
  • Source_code: Microsoft Vision SDK - Visual C++ library for vision which defines an image object and supports digitizer independent image acquisition.

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