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  • Conference: IEEE 2001 Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference - The Nuclear Science Symposium (NSS ) and Medical Imaging Conference (MIC) is an annual international event that brings together the scientific communities designing and utilizing radiation detector systems for fundamental physics research and advanced medical imaging.
  • Demo: On-line content-based image retrieval system - An on-line image retrieval system that uses CIE Lab space histograms, texture analysis using Gabor filters, and structure extracted via perceptual grouping for serving queries.
  • Group: U Penn. - Vision Analysis and Simulation Technologies Laboratory - We do research in computer vision (shape and motion estimation), computer graphics and medical image analysis
  • Hardware: MetaControls Technologies, Inc. - Maker of digital FireWire cameras and automation and process control hardware and software.
  • Hardware: Daitron, Inc. - Provider of cameras, lenses, frame grabbers for industrial, medical, security and microscropy uses.
  • Source_code: USB camera driver toolkit for LabVIEW - USB cameras and video capture devices are now included in the LabVIEW programming world.
  • Related: Facial Expression Resources Page - Links to research groups and other resources concerning facial expression recognition.
  • Test_image: JAFFE Facial Expression Image Database - The JAFFE database consists of 213 images of Japanese female subjects posing 6 basic facial expressions as well as a neutral pose. Ratings on emotion adjectives are also available, free of charge, for research purposes.
  • Conference: British Machine Vision Conference - The BMVC is the main UK conference on Machine Vision and related areas.
  • Hardware: SkySoft Express Image processing systems - Digital image processing systems for the trade, banking and insurance industries. Highlights: OCR, Barcode, Object measurement, pattern recognition and more.
  • Hardware: Zaxel 3D Imaging Systems - Zaxel's 3D Imaging Systems create an infinite number of virtual cameras around the object or moving subject from a limited number of real camera inputs.
  • Demo: Multiscale Skeletonization - Multiscale skeletons presents the distinctive feature that a series reconstruction of the shape can be obtained where small scale information is removed while preserving the position of larger scale details of the shape.
  • Hardware: Alacron, Inc. - Alacron provides high-performance computing subsystems for the imaging, vision, and DSP communitites including framegrabbers, co-processor boards, daughter-cards and software development tools.
  • Conference: Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Information Systems - Huge amounts of information in digital format is currently available; for example, the world-wide-web is an immense source of text, images, video, and sound. Structuring/understanding this multimedia information is a difficult task. Accessibility issues arise in this context, with personal identification techniques playing a key role in human-machine interfaces for security and restricted-access systems. Pattern recognition (PR) and machine learning (ML) provide formal frameworks in which this class of problems can be adequately addressed. On the other hand, exploratory analysis (mining) and content-based retrieval of multimedia data serve both as important practical application domains for PR and ML techniques, and as a source of challenging research problems. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers, practitioners and potential users with interests in the multidisciplinary topics listed above
  • Conference: Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems - ACIVS'2001 is the third of a series of conferences focusing on techniques for building adaptive, intelligent, safe and secure imaging systems. Papers are sollicited in the areas of image processing, pattern recognition, compression and algorithm assessment. The meeting will include a programme of tutorials.
  • Conference: 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance - PETS2001 continues the theme of the highly successful PETS2000 workshop held at IEEE FG'2000. The theme is performance evaluation of tracking and surveillance. The PETS workshop series is unique in that all participants are testing algorithms on the same datasets - e.g. image sequences of a wide area scene containing both moving people and vehicles.PETS'2001 is single track with presentations of contributed papers, invited speakers, and a panel discussion.
  • Group: Politecnico di Torino - Computer Graphic and Vision Group
  • Demo: Fast Image Motion Estimation Demo - The algorithm uses fast correlation and 3D dynamic programming techniques for image motion or optical flow estimation.
  • Source_code: Exbem: Scientific Image Processing & Analysis - Exbem is a software for scientific image processing & analysis under MacOS. Exbem handles images, QuickTime movies, and live-video. Multiple operators can be assigned to multiple ROIs.

  • Demo: SIMBA - Search IMages By Appearance - An image retrieval system based on nonlinear color-texture invariants
  • Hardware: ARVOO Group Imaging and Signal Processing Hardware - leading European supplier of a wide range of analog, digital framegrabbers, RS644/CameraLink digital video over fiber transmission and DSP video processors
  • Source_code: FP Image for Windows - Scientific/Medical imaging software. Formats include floating point, integer and DICOM. Built-in image processing scripting language, batch processing, 3D solid modeling.
  • Source_code: VisualMouse - Our software translates user's head motion into the motion of the cursor on the screen, by processing the image from a web cam
  • Source_code: Video OCX - Windows-based interface for easy integration of video capture into your applications. It supports VFW video devices (USB cameras or framegrabber) AND AVI sequences as image sources.
  • Conference: IEEE Workshop on Computer Vision beyond the Visible Spectrum: Methods and Applications - The workshop focuses on new and traditional areas where non-visible range sensors are being employed to help tackle application problems that have proved unsolvable since the inception of computer vision technology. The sensors of interest include X-rays, infrared, millimeter wave, laser radar, synthetic aperture radar, and hyper-spectral.
  • Conference: Digital Image Computing - Techniques and Applications
  • Test_image: Computational Colour Constancy Data - A dataset oriented towards computational color constancy, but useful for computer vision in general. It includes synthetic data, camera sensor data, and over 700 images.
  • Group: Sheffield Hallam U - Microsystems and Machine Vision Laboratory - Microrobotic systems and real-time computer vision (Kindly remove previous link with regards to on the list)
  • Source_code: Matrox Imaging - Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) is a development toolkit for machine vision, medical imaging and image analysis. ActiveMIL, a collection of ActiveX controls for managing image capture, transfer, processing, analysis and display is bundled with MIL. Additional software includes Matrox Inspector, an interactive Microsoft® Windows®-based prototyping tool and an intelligent camera interface utility.
  • Demo: Content-based image retrieval system. - Uses CIE Lab space histogram, texture analysis using Gabor filters, and structure extracted via perceptual grouping and inference principles for serving queries.
  • Group: Cyclops Project - Research on Computer Vision Applications in Medicine - The Cyclops Project is a German/Brazilian project aimed at the development of an intelligent envoironment for the support of diagnopsis-oriented medical image analysis tasks. The Project is supported by the German-Brazilian Cooperation Programme on Information Technology.
  • Conference: Infotech Oulu International Workshop on Information Retrieval - Areas of interest to vision researchers include image and video indexing and retrieval.


  • Group: U Jaume I - REGEO Geometric Reconstruction Group - Studying the problem of automatically generating 3D models from 2D sketches.
  • Source_code: XCaliper - Commercial Windows NT software toolkit for machine vision and thermal imaging applications.
  • Test_image: El Salvador Atlas of Gastrointestinal VideoEndoscopy - Images and Videos of his-res of studies taken from Gastrointestinal Video endoscopy.
  • Source_code: XVision visual tracking software - Application independent, configurable interface to high-speed tools for visual feature tracking. Uses include tracking a person's eyes and mouth, gesture recognition. Contains interfaces to many popular cameras and frame grabbers.
  • Hardware: Multipix Imaging Ltd - Suppliers of image processing and machine vision products including Euresys, Leutron Vision, Io Industries, MVTec (HALCON), Hitachi, TVI etc.
  • Publication: Machine Vision News - Annual publication of Vision Club of Finland, sector of The Finnish Society of Automation
  • Source_code: Uncalibrated Stereo by Singular Value Decomposition - This stereo algorithm allows to match features across a pair of stereo images with unparalleled algorithmic simplicity and neatness. Results are comparable to complex relaxation methods. Its simple implementation has made it a good off-the-shelf solution for a number of researchers needing a fast a easy-to-integrate matching module.
  • Group: Halmstad U - Signal Analysis Group - Basic research specialization: Orientation analysis, Symmetries and Tensors, local structure, texture and motion segmentation. Applied research specialization: Multimodal person authentication, face recognition, content based image retrieval, object recognition
  • Source_code: Synthetic Fingerprint Generator - SFinGe is a novel method for the generation of synthetic fingerprint images ("sfinge" is the Italian for "sphinx").
  • Test_image: FVC2000 Fingerprint Databases - FVC2000 is the First International Competition for Fingerprint Verification Algorithms. Four fingerprint databases constitute the FVC2000 benchmark (3520 fingerprints in all).

  • Source_code: FreeImage - FreeImage is an Open Source project for developers who would like to support popular graphics image formats like BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAS, PNM, PCX, TGA in their C++ applications for Windows.
  • Group: Dublin City U - Machine Vision Group - Specializes in real time hand gesture recognition, pattern analysis and recognition, and vision-based systems.
  • Source_code: Color Reduction and Multithresholding - Free image processing software for color reduction and quantization, multithresholding, Hough Transform etc.
  • Source_code: FP Image - View/Process Floating Point and integer images in Windows 95/98/NT. Formats include DICOM and user defined formats. Includes a image processing scripting language.
  • Group: U Glasgow - 3D-MATIC Research Laboratory - By combining the science of 'photogrammetry' with digital camera technology, it is now possible to capture 3D models of people, animals and objects that are both metrically accurate and photo-realistic in appearance. Ongoing research within the Partnership is also exploring 3D data extraction from still images and movie sequences and the extension of the imaging technology to capture images in real time.
  • Demo: Fast Stereo Matching - A fast stereo matching algorithm which produces a dense disparity map by using a pyramid structure, fast correlation, rectagular subregioning and dynamic programming techniques.

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