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  • Source_code: Modular Flow Scheduling Middleware - An open source, windows-based framework for developing programs with good software engineering qualities. It has been used for developing real-time vision applications.
  • Hardware: Optel Vision - Turnkey machine vision systems for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and beverage packaging lines
  • Source_code: Savitzky-Golay Filters for 2D Images - This web page describes the derivation of the Savitzky-Golay filters for 2D images, gives MatLab routines for computing the filters, and gives C files with the filter coefficients.
  • Source_code: Projective Vision Toolkit - PVT is a series of utilities that allows one to take an image sequence and compute the fundamental matrix and trilinear tensor.
  • Source_code: SpikeNet Technology - (Company) Vendor of SpikeNet, a biologically-inspired computer vision system for object detection, recognition, and related applications.
  • Test_image: Stuttgart Range Image Database - A collection of synthetic range images taken from high-resolution polygonal models available on the web
  • Source_code: VXL - C++ libraries for Computer Vision - The Vision-something-Libraries are a collection of C++ libraries designed for computer vision research. It was created from TargetJr and the Image Understanding Environment (IUE) with the aim of making a lighter, faster and more consistent system. VXL is written in ANSI/ISO C++ and is designed to be portable over many platforms. It is developed and used by a consortium including groups from the Universities of Leuven, Oxford, Manchester, and RPI, GE CRD.

  • Demo: StereoTracker - Downloadable demo. You supply two USB cameras. The software uses projective vision to self calibrate the cameras and tracks facial features in 3D.
  • Demo: Nouse - Downloadable demo (Windows). Use your nose as a joystick or a mouse. You supply the USB camera, and Nouse associates your nose position with a point on the screen, allowing you to select an item in the menu or play a game without a mouse. (game included)
  • Source_code: AcquireNow - A real-time image acquisition and processing product. (Commercial product $$).
  • Hardware: Boulder Imaging - Maker of real-time, high frame-rate digital image acquisition systems. Products include the AcquireNow software image acquisition and processing system and ImageStor, a hardware storage system for real-time video capture and for storing large amounts of video data.
  • Source_code: ImLib3D - ImLib3D is an open source C++ library for 3D (volumetric) image processing. It comes with an optional viewer that features 3D (OpenGL) multiplanar.
  • Source_code: Common Vision Blox - A modular and open software development platform to solve image processing and machine vision applications (Windows, Commercial product)
  • Hardware: IO Industries - Maker of systems for high-speed recording of digital video directly to disk for real-time image processing applications.
  • Conference: 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance - In conjunction with ECCV'02
  • Conference: The Annual Symposium for Pattern Recognition of the DAGM e.V.
  • Related: ImageCanada - A guide to Canadian image-related resources, offering a comprehensive list of imaging, image processing, image analysis, computer vision, computer graphics, digital art and multimedia links on the world wide web. ImageCanada Includes lists of companies, academic groups, conferences, organizations, jobs, and more.
  • Group: U Pavia - Vision Lab - Specializes in visual attention mechanisms; includes human-computer interfaces
  • Group: U Hannover - Institute for Photogrammetry and GeoInformation - specialises in photogrammetry, remote sensing, and aerial image analysis, in connection with geographic information systems
  • Test_image: Yale Face Database B - 5760 single light source images of 10 subjects each seen under 576 viewing conditions (9 poses x 64 illumination conditions).
  • Source_code: Gandalf - Gandalf is a computer vision and numerical algorithm library, written in C, which allows you to develop new applications that will be portable and run FAST. Includes many useful vision routines, including camera calibration, homographies, fundamental matrix computation, and feature detectors (includes source code).



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