15-462 Computer Graphics I

  • Lectures are Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30-11:50, Wean Hall 7500.
  • The textbook provides additional reading material.
    It complements, but does not replace the lecture.
  • The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester.
  • Default links are color slides in PDF format.
  • 6up and 2up PDF files are grayscale for printing.
  • The HTML lecture files may not show mathematical symbols correctly.
Date Lecture    Reading    Slides    Code    Assignment Due

Tue Jan 14   Course Overview Ch. 1 6up 2up HTML    
Thu Jan 16   Basic Graphics Programming Ch. 2 6up 2up HTML 02-code/  

Tue Jan 21   Interaction Ch. 3 6up 2up HTML 03-code/  
Thu Jan 23   Transformations Ch. 4 6up 2up HTML    

Tue Jan 28   Viewing and Projection Ch. 5.2-5.4 6up 2up HTML    
Thu Jan 30   Hierarchical Modeling Ch 5.10, 9.1-9.6 6up 2up HTML 06-code/ Assignment 1

Tue Feb 4   Lighting and Shading Ch 6.1-6.4 6up 2up HTML    
Thu Feb 6   Shading in OpenGL Ch 6.5-6.9 6up 2up HTML 08-code/ Assignment 2

Tue Feb 11   Curves and Surfaces Ch 10.1-10.6 6up 2up HTML    
Thu Feb 13   Texture Mapping [I. Graham] Ch 9.2 6up 2up   10-code/  

Tue Feb 18   Splines Ch 10.7-10.14 6up 2up HTML 11-code/  
Thu Feb 20   Programmable Shading Hardware Cem Cebenoyan, Nvidia         Assignment 3

Tue Feb 25   Physically Based Modelling [C. Twigg] Ch 11.1-11.5          
Thu Feb 27   Midterm'02 Review Sample Solution, Review         Assignment 4

Tue Mar 4   Midterm Exam (In Class) Sample Solution          
Thu Mar 6   No Classes (Mid-Semester Break)            

Tue Mar 11   Clipping Ch 8.3-8.8 6up 2up HTML    
Thu Mar 13   Rasterization Ch 7.9-7.11, 8.9-8.12 6up 2up HTML    

Tue Mar 18   Image Processing   6up 2up HTML    
Thu Mar 20   Ray Tracing Ch 13.2-13.3 6up 2up HTML   Assignment 5

Tue Mar 25   No Classes (Spring Break)            
Thu Mar 27   No Classes (Spring Break)            

Tue Apr 1   Spatial Data Structures Ch 9.10 6up 2up HTML    
Thu Apr 3   Dynamics in Monsters, Inc. David Baraff, Pixar         Assignment 6

Tue Apr 8   Radiosity Ch 13.4-13.5 6up 2up HTML    
Thu Apr 10   Global Illumination Ch 13.5 6up 2up HTML    

Tue Apr 15   Visualization Ch 12 6up 2up HTML    
Thu Apr 17   Non-Photorealistic Rendering   6up 2up HTML    

Tue Apr 22   Animation [I. Graham] 6up 2up HTML    
Thu Apr 24   Advanced Global Illumination [S. Vaidhyanathan]         Assignment 7

Tue Apr 29   Computer Games James Kuffner, CMU          
Thu May 1   Final Review           Assignment 8

Tue May 6 Final Exam, 1:00-4:00, DH 1212        

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