15-816 Substructural Logics

  • Lectures are Tuesday and Thursday, 1:30pm-2:50pm, GHC 4301
  • The class notes provide additional reading material
    They complement, but do not replace the lecture
  • The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester
  • Combined lectures notes (single PDF)
Date Lecture Notes Additional Reading Due

Tue Aug 30 Deductive Inference 00-overview.pdf
Thu Sep 1 From Rules to Propositions [Lambek58]

Tue Sep 6 Harmony
Thu Sep 8 Cut Elimination

Tue Sep 13 Ordered Proofs as Concurrent Programs [DP16] Asst 1
Thu Sep 15 Reasoning about Computation [DP16]

Tue Sep 20 From Subsingleton to Ordered Logic Asst 2
Thu Sep 22 Law and Order

Tue Sep 27 Queues and Stacks Asst 3
Thu Sep 29 Ordered Programming

Tue Oct 4 Linear Logic
Thu Oct 6 Combining Logics

Tue Oct 11 Asynchronous Communication Asst 4
Thu Oct 13 Structural Logic

Tue Oct 18 Midterm Exam Sample Solution Exam
Thu Oct 20 Of Course!

Tue Oct 25 Computation in Structural Logic
Thu Oct 27 Chaining Asst 5

Tue Nov 1 Focusing
Thu Nov 3 Substructural Operational Semantics

Tue Nov 8 Linear Logical Voting Protocols [DS11]
Thu Nov 10 Call-by-Push-Value [Levy01] [Levy16]

Tue Nov 15 Call-by-Value and Call-by-Name cbpv.clf Asst 6
Thu Nov 17 The Concurrent Logical Framework exchange.clf

Tue Nov 22 No Class
Thu Nov 24 Thanksgiving Break

Tue Nov 29 Concurrent Cost Semantics CLF code
Thu Dec 1 Resource Semantics Asst 7

Tue Dec 6 Embedding Linear Logic in Intuistionistic Logic [RP10]
Thu Dec 8 Classical Linear Logic [CCP03]

Mon Dec 12 Final Exam, 8:30-11:30am, GHC 4211 Sample Solution Exam

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Frank Pfenning