15-816 Substructural Logics

  • Assignments generally are given out Thursday and are due the following Thursday
  • Assignments 1-5 are individual assignments. They must represent your own work. You may consult any publicly available resources such as papers, reports, or lecture notes, but you must explicitly credit such external resources in your answers. Carnegie Mellon's policy on academic integrity applies to this course.
  • Assignments 6 and later may be done in pairs or individually.
  • Homeworks may require an implementation, or simply a write-up with LaTeX or with pencil and paper.
  • If you want to typeset your answers, some sample LaTeX lecture notes and necessary style file will be posted in the misc/latex/ directory.
  • Emphasis is on correctness and elegance. Some assignments may be very difficult. If you cannot do them, write down your thoughts, but never hand back an incorrect "proof".
  • Written homeworks are due at the beginning of lecture on the due date. They should be handed in before lecture or submitted as PDFs via email to the instructor.
  • We will try our best to return graded homework during the lecture following the due date.
Out Assignment Reference Due

Sep 6 L1.3 (hamiltonian cycle),
L1.6 (blocks world invariant),
L1.7 (truman quote),
L2.2 (parity),
L2.4 (post correspondence problem),
L2.6 (currying/distributivity laws)
LaTeX Support Tue Sep 13
Sep 13 L3.3 (* connective),
L3.4 (# connective),
L3.5.1-3 (twist),
L4.5.1 (principal fuse case),
L4.5.4 (right commutative /L cases),
L4.6 (\L*)
Tue Sep 20
Sep 20 L5.2 (computing parity, revisited),
L5.4 (dual representation of FSTs),
L6.1.1 (preservation for 1C),
L6.2 (inc on standard binary representations)
Tue Sep 27
Oct 4 L8.2 (cons'),
L9.1 (alternative implementation of stacks),
L10.2 (mapper),
Optional: L10.3 (folder)
Tue Oct 11
Oct 20 L12.2 (monad),
L12.3 (cut reduction for down),
L12.4 (coercions),
L13.1 (asynchronous \L*),
L13.4 (buffer sizes, parts 1-6)
Thu Oct 27
Nov 4 Assignment 6 Tue Nov 15
Nov 18 Assignment 7 Thu Dec 1

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