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U.S. mail address:
      Christos Faloutsos 
      Dept. of Computer Science , GHC 7003
      Carnegie Mellon University
      5000 Forbes Avenue 
      Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891 
Admin: Oliver Moss
      email: christos-admin-support AT cs DOT cmu DOT edu

If interested in grad studies, postdoc, summer internship, etc:
      Thank you for your interest! Please see this first.

Christos Faloutsos

Current Position: Fredkin Professor of Computer Science.
Courtesy appointment: Electrical and Computer Engineering, CMU
Academic Degrees: Ph.D. and M.Sc. (University of Toronto.); B.Sc. (Nat. Tech. U. Athens)
Short bio  and full CV in pdf; customized for funding agencies, 2-page versions .
Up-to-date calendar: here

Other affiliations: Past affiliations:

Research Interests:

  • Data Mining for graphs and streams
  • Fractals, self-similarity and power laws
  • Indexing and data mining for video, biological and medical databases
  • Data base performance evaluation (data placement, workload characterization)




In the news:

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New (March 2023): MetaPaper list of presentation suggestions

MetaPaper a.k.a. 'Lessons learned from 1000 research paper rejections' is out - tar-file and presentation are here.

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